Josh Wood: Colour Shade Shot Gloss

Josh Wood: Colour Shade Shot Gloss review


I have tried Josh Wood’s hair products in the past (see here).  The shampoo and conditioner are amazing and I have repurchased several times. My favourite so far has been the ‘Everything mask’ as it is such a versatile product.


Seriously if you haven’t tried it yet then put it on the top of your list!


‘No two colours I create are ever the same, just like one’s iris or fingerprint is never genetically reproduced. That unique human essence means experimenting with tones and hues to unlock the best version of a person.’ Josh Wood


So when I saw that Josh Wood had developed a ‘Shade Shot Gloss’ which combines the coverage of a semi-permanent colour and a conditioning treatment gloss in one. Game changer for us busy women! I was straight onto them asking could I try it out.


Behind the Science

Josh has his own salon in London and has been working in the industry since the eighties! He has a passion for creating the best colour which has him in constant demand worldwide!

“I hear in colour. I think in colour. Creating unique tones to make a woman look and feel great in her own skin is second nature to me.” Josh Wood


Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot



This is a semi-permanent treatment gloss which leaves hair deeply conditioned and glossy. It comes in a handy tube with gloves provided. There is enough for two applications in the tube even for my long hair.



Using the gloves provided massage small amounts into damp hair. The gloves are great! They fit well and are not cheap and nasty – best of all they didn’t rip when I put them on!


You then leave the treatment on your hair for around 20 minutes before rinsing. I have medium length hair so I used around half a tube. It went on well and made my hair feel and smell really nice. I was able to comb my hair after rinsing which is unheard of for my over=processed bleached hair.


When I dried my hair it was shiny and soft without being frizzy or unruly. My colour was enhanced and dare I say my hair even shimmered in the sunlight.


I chose the shade Champagne Blonde but there are options available for warmer tones and for brunette hair. I am obsessed with the icy tones which give me the cool hair colour I absolutely adore!


Christine McCaughey wearing minimal make up look


The Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss retails at £15 and is available from Boots,com


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*This post contains gifted items

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