1 minute read: Clarins Bain aux Plantes “tonic”

Clarins Bain aux Plantes “tonic”

I recently received this little bottle of Bain aux Plantes “tonic”  from Clarins and it is so good I wanted to share it with you guys.

I absolutely love going to the spa. Every chance I get (which I have to admit is far less than I like!), I head off to the spa.

As much I as have tried in the past to get the same experience at home I never seem to get the right mix of oils at home so it ends up feeling like a complete disaster!

Enter Clarins Bain aux Plantes “tonic” which is a concentrated bath and shower tonic infused with essential oils. You can either pour a capful under running bath water or apply a small drop to a sponge for use in the shower. I used a body puff in the shower.

clarins bain aux plantes tonic


The product

It pours like an oil although is not greasy on the skin. It lathers up loads and the smell envelopes the bathroom.  All that is needed is dimmed lights and a candle to transport me into the treatment room of my favourite spa. The smell is sublime! A small drizzle on the body puff goes forever. It is super lather-y and I can wash my whole body without applying more product.

When I dried off my skin is soft and smooth. There is no greasy residue and my skin feels moisturised. I hate the dry, tight feeling that some shower and bath products leave you with but this is simply amazing!

The packaging is simple which is great as the product is from Clarins and they label all their products firstly in French and then in English so it is easy to read. This works if like me you have several Clarins products in your bathroom. (I also adore their exfoliating body scrub)

The Verdict

I will definitely be repurchasing this!

Clarins Bain aux Plantes Tonic is priced at £20 for 200mls. It is available at Debenhams and other Clarins stockists.

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