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Getting ‘down’ with ageing

This is a post that I have been wanting to write for quite some time and its something that I guess we should be talking more about.

I am 37. I have given birth naturally to three children. Plus I take a lot of medication for my fibromyalgia.


Now these things have taken a toll on my body in many ways but there is one area in which I have noticed a huge change and yet its a “taboo” topic. Well not here ladies. I want to talk about the affects of life, love and ageing on our vaginal skin.


We spend copious amounts of money each year on skincare. In fact I read an article recently that stated women spend over £70,000 in their lifetime (find that article here) on their appearance! While that may seem like a lot of money I would ask the question – can you put a price on your appearance?

As women we pride ourselves on our hair, makeup, skin and clothes not to mention tanning and manicures. Yet intimate skincare goes without care.


I have suffered from vaginal dryness for a few years. This has been in combination to my age and the medication I take (oh the joys of medicinal side effects!) Previously, I have tried many products including washes, moisturisers, lubricants, serums, gels and even oral vitamins to help improve the uncomfortable dry feeling. In turn I feel this made me more susceptible to thrush which made the problem even worse.

I was kindly sent some products by In2Mate a few weeks ago. I had never heard of the brand previously but when you have tried everything else what does one more count?



The products

So let me start with the products. The set includes three 75ml bottles and retails at £19.95. It includes a wash, moisturiser and lubricant. The packaging is discreet and simple which in my opinion is perfect for slipping in with other products on my bathroom shelf.  The bottles each have a lovely pump dispenser making the product easy to dispense without overuse.

There is no strong smells from any one of the products. The wash foams slightly upon mixing with water and is easy to apply. After there is no sticky residue and it feels kind on the skin (not in any way harsh). A little goes a looooong way which means they last ages.

What a difference!

When I dried off and applied the moisturiser I was amazed by how soft ad supple my vaginal area felt. It was not sticky at all and for the first time in years I felt comfortable! Over the space of the next few days I continued to use the wash and moisturiser in the shower and noticed a considerable difference in “lubrication” I was no longer feeling dry and the feeling of uncomfortable “friction” had gone.

I really like that In2Mate is made with over 99% natural products which help to repair, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. They also keep the vagina at the correct pH (4.5 or below) as it is more acidic than normal skin. None of the products in the range are perfumed.

The final product in the range is the natural lubricant. I found this to be gentle, non sticky and non drying on my skin. It wasn’t gloopy and a little went a long way.


Would I rebuy?

I would definitely recommend these products. They can be purchased as a set or individually. There was no bad side to these products and I will be repurchasing in the future.








*This post contains pr samples but all opinions given are my own

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