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Milia Removal

Milia Removal

I have had milia for the past number of years. In fact probably as long as I can remember there have been these bumps sitting on my face not visible to anyone else but for me they may as well had signposts stuck out of them because I thought they were HUGE.

Milia are essentially a keratin-composed cyst which you may think is a good thing as keratin is essential to having great skin but not when it clumps together and forms a hard lump buried deep into the epidermis of the skin. They feel like a spot and may even look like one but they are buried deep into the skin and picking or squeezing it may essentially just cause you to pick a hole in your face! Which is not what we want.

Before (inset) and After (main picture) removal


Skincare experts?

I seen Caroline Hirons this year at an event in Space NK and I asked her what should I do about them (see her post about milia here) – they were starting to take over my life and for someone who blogs and has selfies and pictures taken almost daily – thats a problem! She suggested seeing a skin clinic and having them removed. I was so super sceptical at having my face “messed” with. I have this fear that when you start to do things that it becomes a never ending chain of upkeep and I am lazy so this would have been super hard for me.

Caroline even tweeted out to see where in Northern Ireland would remove them but all I had was a couple of offers of a facial peel or derma pen – which I was NOT keen on having. These treatments were really pricey and involved a course – think around  £500 for the facials and something similar for the course of derma pen and neither guaranteed that they would remove the milia or even reduce them. No I needed something better than that.

Given up hope?

Fast forward a few months and I decided to attend a makeup course at the Makeup Dept. This course was run by the talented Pamela Smyth who is head of crowd makeup on Game of Thrones. (I mean I live here in Northern Ireland and all but I have NEVER watched it!!) Anyway I met some completely amazing ladies on the course and one of them, Gillian, happened to own a salon in Broughshane. I got talking to here while she practiced makeup on me one of the days and she commented on how she could just pop them out (SAY WHAT!!!) I obviously told her of my plight with the skincare clinics and she was literally disgusted! She was trained in skincare and had the knowledge and expertise to remove them with no hassle.

So I booked in with her as fast as my little milia would let me!

Exclusive Beauty

Her salon is based in Broughshane which is a couple of miles form Ballymena and really easy to get to. There was ample parking along the Main Street.

Gillian took me straight away for my appointment. She started by relaxing me onto her bed and making sure I was warm and cosy. Then she started the process of steaming my face. This opens up the pores and allows for easier removal.


Gillian then used a sterile needle to pierce the skin at the site of each milia. She was able to manipulate it out and remove it with little discomfort to me. I would liken the sensation to squeezing a spot.

Gillian then finished off the treatment with a relaxing facial. She only uses Guinot products in her salon and they smelt amazing. She sent me home with some samples and I have already been back to purchase more! The Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute feels amazing on the skin.

I have even created a little Youtube video about my experience. You can view it here.


There is no official “downtime”with the treatment although Gillian advised on leaving my skin to recover for 24 hours. I did experience some tenderness where the milia had been removed but this is perfectly normal and within a couple of days I was feeling amazing! My makeup looked good on my face and I was so happy with the treatment! I even discovered how good highlighter could look on my face!!

Gillian works at Exclusive Beauty by Gillian and can be contacted either through her websitefacebook or by phoning on 028 2586 2477

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