MuMe Solid Brush Cleaner

You know I am a sucker for a ‘cult’ product. However lately I have been noticing that my makeup bag is containing more and more ‘sustainable’ buys.


By this I mean things that can be reused time and time again or that will long outlive their trendiness (does anyone actually use that word anymore?). I also find myself picking up products that are locally made which helps to support local businesses.


So when I seen the gorgeous Laura rave about this on Instagram I knew I wanted to try it.



MuMe is an Irish made solid brush cleaner (they also now have a liquid version too). I haven’t tried a solid brush cleaner before unless you count Dettol anti bac soap so I was not quite sure what to expect.


The product

The solid brush cleanser comes in a beautiful screw lid metal tin. The packaging is simple yet effective and I am already looking forward to reusing the tin after.


There is no harsh smell from the product and it looks just like a bar of soap nestled in the bottom of the tin. I read the ingredients and I am pleased to see coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. These will prevent brushes from drying out and the fact that the palm oil is sustainable means that there is no threat to the forest. The banned Iceland Christmas advert is still haunting me!


How to use

The tin makes cleaning my brushes a doddle! I simply wet the brush with warm water and swirl around the top of the soap in the tin. This gets the product onto the brush. I then swirled the brush round in the palm of my hand (or on a brush cleaner mat) to get all product out. I rinse the brush under the tap and its perfect! Squeaky clean and ready to use again.



I found this was really quick to use and super easy. My brushes are soft and perfect.  You just drain out any excess water from the tin and leave to dry without the lid on.



This brand is cruelty-free which I know a lot of you love to hear so it gets the thumbs up for this. It isn’t too badly priced at €12.95 and they also do a VEGAN version for €13.50!


I even managed to scoop mine up with a buy one get 70% off the second offer so keep your eyes peeled guys!



Until next time,


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