One minute read: Iconic Bronze extra dark tan mousse

So I tried the Iconic Bronze Extra Dark Mousse.

I’m literally shaking in my towel here.

I’ve just re-read that title line and from a gal that uses medium tan and feels ?? I cannot see how this is going to end well!

Iconic Bronze

So I was lucky enough to be invited to the Iconic Bronze extra dark tan launch in the Iveagh Garden Hotel in Dublin. Such an amazing night and I spent it chatting to the most amazing girls from the blogging world. I must admit that I absolutely adore the community (and friendship) that local bloggers have built up.

I am wearing a jumpsuit from Simply Be Ireland and Denim Jacket from Curvissa.

Anyway enough procrastinating and back to the tan ….

The Application

Smells amazing ? and it is a beautiful chocolate colour. There is no biscuit smell at all and the tan develops quickly. It is quite dark when I apply and after 2 hours I shower off. I did this so as to gauge the colour on me and obviously I could top up with a second layer if I needed to.


I pat dry so as to not rub the tan back off. Obviously it is developed on me but rubbing damp skin will remove some of the tan and I want to preserve the colour.

I really like it.

There is no transfer to clothes and there is still no bad smell.


I am impressed by the results and although I think the extra dark is too much for me, I look forward to trying the normal shade.

Have you tried Iconic tan? What are your thoughts?

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