Pixi Beauty at Marks and Spencer

Pixi Beauty.

How gorgeous is Pixi Beauty?
I want to start this piece by firstly saying that I love how interactive department stores are becoming.
There is so much emphasis on the customer these days. Big stores are continually thinking outside the box in order to get us to come in and spend our hard earned cash instore.

The Staff

Marks and Spencer Beauty at Sprucefield were my port of call today. I had the pleasure of meeting Julie-Ann who has recently taken over as Beauty Manager.
She has such a bubbly personality and I look forward to meeting her again very soon. Its worth pointing out that all the Beauty Counter staff in Marks and Spencer Sprucefield are properly trained. They provide free makeup demos as well as help you choose any skin or body care you may need.
They also have some great plans in the pipeline for more Beauty events.  I am clearing my calendar to attend! (hint hint Ren!)
The team can be contacted using instagram @mandsbeautylisburn or by phone on 028 9266 1000.

The Event

So today (Friday 27th April 2018) Marks and Spencer Beauty at Sprucefield held a Pixi Beauty event. There were representatives from Pixi Beauty on hand.  Complimentary facials and makeovers were on offer. As well as providing advice on products and showing customers how to use them.

I was very interested in two products. Firstly the Pixi Double Cleanse which was a collaboration with the queen of skincare, Caroline Hirons. She is such a fan of double cleansing your skin. The second product I was interested in was the H2O skintint.

My look

My favourite makeup look is light, natural makeup. We have a couple of European holidays planned for this year meaning I really was on the lookout for a light tinted moisturiser. One which would even out my skin tone and provide a base for buildable coverage while abroad.

I have tried a couple of the Pixi Beauty products before and have been so impressed with them. Especially the Limited Edition Ultimate Beauty Kit 4th Edition which has gorgeous mineral eyeshadows, highlighter and blush.

I currently use this at least a couple of times a week and see it being a big hit for the summer months. I have also tried the Endless Silky eye pen and it is so smooth and gorgeous. It simply slides on and give eyes such a dramatic effect (I have the navy blue colour).

The Appointment

So I made an appointment to have a complimentary facial at 11am and when I arrived into the store I was so pleased to see the area that had been set up for the event.

There were also complimentary drinks and snacks on hand and to be honest I tried the pink grapefruit drink (which I had to then rush to the food court and buy) and it was so refreshing!

It is little touches like this that make the whole experience that little bit more special for me.

 (before any treatments had taken place)

The treatment

I had originally booked in for a facial but when we starting chatting, I decided to go for a makeup look as well.

This gave me the opportunity to see not only how the products would look on my skin but also make sure that they suited me and gave me the look and feel that I wanted.

After a quick chat on the current skincare products I am using and the current make up I wear, we were set to go.

I loved the fact that each product was shown to me, swatched if applicable and discussed before it was applied to my face. All the products in the range are Vegan (except the lip balms which have beeswax), paraben free and contain so many natural ingredients to help plump the skin and keep it in tip top condition. I’m sold!

Products used

All in all my treatment of both a facial and a makeup application took around 30 mins. Afterwards I felt confident and very pleased with the results and would recommend the treatment to anyone.

I would also stress that there was no obligation to purchase although there was a free gift of Vitamin Make Up mist (worth £18) with purchases over £50. I have always been curious about facial mists and since following the Skin Nerd and other skincare gurus it seems misting is the way forward.


The Vitamin Wake up mist contains orange blossom and citrus extracts and smells very zingy. I am looking forward to spritzing my face with this in the morning to revitalise and refresh my skin before I carry out any skincare. It can also be spritzed over make up to keep you feeling fresh during the day.

Cleansing & Glow Tonic

So while I was enjoying my pink grapefruit I had my skin double cleansed. Then the glow tonic was applied and the cloth below shows the dirt and grime that was still on my skin even after cleansing.

I have heard such mixed reviews about the glow tonic as it does slough away dead skin cells and my advice would to be the use it as often as you feel your skin needs it. I probably wouldn’t need to use it every day as my skin is still youthful and in such good condition.

By removing the dead skin cells your skincare and makeup can actually do their jobs without hinderance. It is always worth noting that you skin needs to be looked after and even a basic skincare routine can have immediate, positive results.

The products that were used on my face were :-


Double Cleanse (first balm and then cream) £24

Glow Tonic £10 / £18

Beauty Sleep Cream (yes can be used for day use!) £24

Flawless Beauty Primer £24

H2O skintint in Shade 2 £24

Colour Correcting Powder Foundation (light dusting over t-zone) £18

Glow-y Gossamer duo highlighter £20

Natural brow duo £15

Lash boost mascara £14


I came away with the Double Cleanse, the H2O skintint in shade 2 and the Vitamin wake up mist. I was torn between the Milky hydration mist or the Vitamin wake up mist but I decided that the summer months should be filled with fresh citrusy scents.

As you can see the finished look was extremely natural and I am so glad to report that even by the end of the day my face felt amazing and my makeup was still in place! Roll on holidays!

How did I feel?

I was happy with the final look and I could have opted for some concealer if required to cover up those dark circles although a good nights sleep would have done away with them!

The range

The Pixi Beauty range is gorgeous and the colours are amazing. Its definitely worth investing in the products for the summer as there are so many products that will highlight and compliment a tan yet at the same time carry you through the winter months with the muted natural tones.

I’m hiding my bank card!

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