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Ren Skincare

I have only recently heard of REN Skincare.

As you all know by now I am trying to take better care of my skin.

I must admit that I have been lucky up to now with my skin. I’m 37 and to be honest I have very few lines and wrinkles.

With fatigue being a huge part of my fibromyalgia symptoms I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes and they can get quite puffy at times, especially when I’m tired.

I feel that there are plenty of products out there for mature skin or young skin. However not a lot of products target specifically where I am at in the ageing process – kinda inbetween!

Marks and Spencers

I’m not saying that I’m will to put just anything on my face though and when I heard that REN skincare were coming to Marks and Spencer’s Sprucefield, I cleared my diary and headed down.

Its not a brand that I have ever tried before but I have heard amazing things about them so I wanted to see how the products looked, smelt and felt on my face and body.

Their packaging is also beautiful. It’s simple and clean yet looks luxurious, in fact you would definitely be proud to keep these out on display!

I love the ethics behind REN skincare. Their goal is for zero waste by 2021.

They also have been working with “surfrider” to clean up the beaches and oceans. This is amazing and fits in so well with their range which is also vegan friendly and contains no harsh chemicals.

All natural products are used and the result is a week thought out range of products that improve your skin while helping to save the planet.

“Clean up your skincare”

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather who is a trained beauty therapist and has been working with REN for several years. She is very knowledgeable about the products and their ingredients which had me enthralled.

We agreed that she would give me a facial and a hand and arm massage. Bliss.

The Facial

Heather started off by cleansing my face with the No1 Purity Cleansing Balm £25.

This balm is infused with chamomile. It’s smells gorgeous and although it contains almond oil to deeply hydrate the skin it is not oily on my face.

It is gently enough to melt away waterproof mascara. I then had the Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask £36, applied. This can be quite tingly on the skin and although I didn’t notice it on my face I did notice it a little on the back of my hand.

The main ingredients in this product are fruit acids which make it smell so fresh and gorgeous. It exfoliates the skin naturally and removed dead skin cells.

This mask should only be left in for a maximum of 10 minutes and while we were waiting Heather treated me to a envigoratibg hand and arms massage.

Hand & Arm Massage

She used two products to do this. Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub £18/£28 was applied to rid my skin of dead skin cells. There are no micro beads in this product.

My skin is silky, nourished and has a gorgeous glow. The magnesium helps to relax my muscles too. This is such a fresh smell product and I can see myself using this in the shower.

Heather then finishes off by applying Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti Fatigue Body Cream £22. My arms are not sticky or over scrubbed and I actually look good with the little suntan I currently have.

The second picture, above, shows the glow that my arm on the right had after using the products compared with my non massaged arm 🙂 I am always on the lookout for a body scrub that is natural (no microbeads!) and yet works and I can honestly say that this does and my skin feels amazing!!

Back to the facial

After she removed the mask using a soothing damp facial mitt, Heather then applied a little of the Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA tonic £25 to my face. Unlike other glow tonic which contain glycolic acid and can be very harsh on the skin, REN use lactic acid and willow bark which naturally stimulates the skin and stimulate the skins natural exfoliation process.

The beauty of this is that it is gentle enough to use every day and it can also even out skin tone by reducing skin pigmentation and even scar tissue.

Now that my skin was thoroughly cleansed Heather moved onto the moisturising side of skincare. She applied the V-cense Youth Vitality Day Cream £33.

My Skin

I don’t need a heavy cream as my skin is still in the early stages of ageing. This cream smooths fine lines and wrinkle and boost skin elasticity. It contains frankincense which gives it a wonderful smell.

It feels nourishing and light on my skin. I then had the Active 7 Eye Gel £24 applied around the eye area. This is a cooling gel which provides hydration to the eye area.

The Active 7 Eye Gel reduces dark circles and puffiness. Ginseng and hyaluronic acid are the main ingredients in this product.

I’m loving the feeling of the REN skincare products on my face. They small amazing and are not heavy nor greasy.

Heather applied the Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift £32 which tautens the skin around the eyes making it feel like you have had a mini eye lift! It is anti ageing and again reduces dark circles and puffiness. I was pleasantly surprised that my eye area felt lifted and tighter.


There has been a huge buzz around primers and I love the fact that a good primer will create a protective barrier between your skin and makeup. This allows you skin to absorb all the good neutrients from your skincare and non of the nastys from you make-up.

REN Perfect Canvas £50 is the most expensive product in the REN skincare range yet is one of the most versatile. It smooths out the skin to create a perfect base for you make up.

You can even use this on its own to allow you to go makeup free. It’s a lovely product and it definitely makes a difference to my skin but I do think it is on the pricey side at £50.

Finishing off

Heather finishes off my look by applying the Satin Perfection B.B. Cream £31. It is tinted and will match your skin to a couple of times either way.

It’s light on the skin and I  am see myself wearing this instead of makeup during the summer. It is the only product in the REN skincare range to have an SPF 15. It blurs imperfections and energises the skin.

Now I’m obsessed with facial mists these days and I was so pleased to see the REN have one of their own.

Flash Defence Anti Pollution Mist £24 shields and protects your skin against harmful pollutants. Think of yourself in a little protective bubble! It can be used at the end of your skincare routine or over makeup as desired.

I love it and I’ll be using this all summer!


I came away with the cleansing balm and the anti pollution mist. I love the feeling of my face being well cleansed and I can see this will be so amazing to use in the shower.

Also I bought the anti pollution mist as I just love the skin mists this year. My skin feels refreshed and clean after a quick spritz of this so I would definitely recommend it.

Heather and her team are back in Marks and Spencer In a couple of weeks.

They will be in Newtownabbey on 22nd June 2018 and Sprucefield on 23rd June 2018 so make sure to pop in and have a try for yourself. I can promise you will not regret it.

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