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The Isle of Paradise

Have you seen The Isle of Paradise new tanning drops?

I am a self confessed self tan wannabe junkie. That sounds like a lot but what it really means is that while I love the idea of self tan and the glow it gives me I hate the actual process of doing it. I buy all the latest tans and most of them go into my drawer to die a horrible death.

Oh and do NOT start me on the smell! Fake tan biscuit smell has to be the most suffocating smell a desperate woman can experience when trying to get her glow on! It makes me retch to the point where I feel dirty, sweaty and downright manky! Eugh!!

This is different

But when I seen these new tanning drops from the Isle of Paradise that you can add to your favourite moisturiser I must admit that I was curious. So off I hopped to order them. The founder Jules Von Hep has tanned Hollywoods finest for years using tanner and colour correcting make up to ensure that their tans were flawless. This led him to the idea that tan could incorporate a degree of colour correcting to avoid touching up after. Hence the Isle of Paradise was born. Oh and as a side bar here I should mention that they are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Result!

The Range

There is an extensive range available with tanning mousse, water and drops available. There is also a prep spray and an eraser as well. I am really impressed that the product list includes a gradual everyday tanner and a wash off version too. All the products are reasonably priced and are available exclusively on the High street at Boots or on the web through the Isle of Paradise website or Boots website.

The drops are priced at £19,95 which is towards the top end of the self tanning market so the pressure is on for them to live up to the hype and deliver the goods. They also come in three shades light (peach), medium (green) and dark (violet). I ordered the green.

When they arrived I had been sent the light (peach) in error. No problem. I fired off a quick email to customer service and by the next morning I had my medium (green) drops along with a lovely note to keep the peach ones as well! Zero hassle! Which as you know means a lot these days.


So I am ready to tan.

Firstly I make sure I carry out my prep properly to ensure the best results. The day before you tan you should carry out any hair removal. This is to ensure that the hair follicles close before you tan which can cause that ‘spotty’ effect. As hair removal can also remove a layer of skin cells doing this the day before avoids uneven tanning. It is also advisable to exfoliate the area you will be tanning to remove any dead skin cells. I always pay particular attention to elbows, knees and heels when I exfoliate as these areas are naturally drier than others. Finally I finish by moisturising thoroughly again paying attention to those dry areas (elbows, knees and heels) to ensure that I have the perfect base for my tan to go on to.

Now I should mention that not only are these drops colour correcting but you can adjust the amount of drops you add to your moisturiser from 1 to 12 drops per application depending on the level of colour. I am so excited right now!

My moisturiser of choice is Aveeno but the beauty of this product is that you can mix it with ANY moisturiser. Yes it doesn’t matter which one you use whether creme de la mer or Tesco value. I love Aveeno as it soaks into my skin leaving it feel soft and non-greasy and is very gentle on my skin. I choose to mix three pumps of moisturiser with 12 drops of tan.


It goes on beautifully and seeps into my skin quickly without any problems. There is NO stickiness, or nasty smell and in fact my skin is soft and I can dress after only a few minutes.  I prefer to wear dark, loose clothing after tanning to avoid rub off or staining. As this is my first time using this tan I err on the side of caution.

The results

And so I wait. After around 3/4 hours I start to feel it develop like something just ‘clicks’ Then there is a hint of the usual self tanning smell and I start to colour. The smell is there in the background but it is not terrible and to be honest if I was in bed I wouldn’t smell it and I could just get up and shower in the morning. The colour is not bad. It develops very quickly on my arms and looks amazing around my hands and wrists. My legs take a little longer and my feet are the first to colour followed closely by my legs. Now I cannot stress enough how foolproof this whole process has been. Literally I pumped moisturiser onto my hand and added drops. Mixed by rubbing my palms together and applied liberally onto my body. I didn’t pay attention to hands or feet and I just made sure that I covered everywhere.

After 8 hours …

After around 8 hours I have a gorgeous colour. Its a subtle glow that could be built up more for going out out or just perfect for day wear. I haven’t messed this up! It looks amazing! Around my wrists and ankles are looking good and to be honest this looks as good as a natural tan. I have not rinsed it off and will sleep on it.

The colour simply gets better overnight. This is when I start to notice darker patches around my wrists and heels but to be honest its not terrible. The tan wears great over the next week and there are no patches or scales as it fades. Its a winner from me and I do believe that I would get better at applying with practice.

Confidence Boosting

Its hard to put into words the confidence I feel when I am tanned. Being plus sized means that I can look bigger when I am pasty and pale. It is true that tanning is slimming. With that in mind I feel sexy and unhibitated and ready to take on the world. I think that I could easily top this up without it feeling like too much effort!

My advice would be to go and buy this product! Its quirky and in particular the drops are the most easy go-to tan that I have ever seen. The small bottle will also fit nicely in hand luggage so its perfect for travelling with. Long weekends away here I come!!

Tanning top tips

So now I have the tan its all about the maintenance. Here are my top tips for keeping your tan perfect.

1. Moisturise every day. I like to do this after my shower to help lock the moisture into my skin. The joy of the Isle of Paradise drops is that you can top up your tan by adding a few drops into your moisturiser.

2. Choose a colour that matches your skin tone. No-one wants to see an orange fake looking tan so start off with a colour that is a few shades darker than you own and build it up. This will make it look more natural.

3. Use a tanning mitt to apply tan. This gives an even distribution of tan. Rinse your mitt out after each application in warm, soapy water to keep it ready for the next use. If you do use your hands ensure that you wash them thoroughly and pat dry to avoid white/dark patches around your fingers and palms.

4. Apply your tan in the evenings so it can develop undisturbed overnight. Make sure that the lighting is good so that you don’t miss any spots.

And there you have it. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave me a comment with your own experience of Isle of Paradise or self tan tips.



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