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    LifewithChristine is under construction!

    LifewithChristine is under construction! I have finally taken the plunge and scrapped the terrible WordPress themes (no offence WordPress!)   I have been seriously struggling to find a theme for my blog since I removed the PIPDIG one (you can read why here)   After the scandal regarding Pipdig being able to wipe out websites using a plugin I have to admit I got totally freaked. It is super disheartening for someone like me who has invested time (and money) building their website and creating content only to hear it can all be wiped out/destroyed etc.   Therefore I have been trying out a few WordPress themes in order to…

  • Interiors

    Tufferman Shelving

    Tufferman Shelving Now that we are coming into the summer months I think that we all take mad notions to clean out and tidy up sheds and garages. This may involve filling the boot of the car with empty paint cans, broken pieces of patio furniture or stray bin bags of random junk.   I love a good clear out but equally, I find the satisfaction of organising rooms equally as fulfilling.   Tufferman is an online company which help to ‘simplify storage.’ They provide storage solutions to sheds, garages and even attics. The Shelving I recently got my hands on their best selling STORALEX VRS BAYS. These shelves are…

  • Interiors

    Beards and Daisies Indoor Plants

    Beards and Daisies Indoor Plants   My grandmother was a green-fingered genius. In fact, she could literally make anything grow.   I, on the other hand, seem to have less luck (or skill) with plants. I do okay for a bit and then things can go horribly wrong. So when I received a beautiful plant from Beards and Daisies Indoor plants I was a little apprehensive. I love it. It fills me with joy every time I look at it and I have it placed in a position of honour on my desk. It is a Red Anthurium otherwise known as the flamingo flower. The plant comes beautifully packaged in…

  • blossom bay wax melts in burner with flowers

    Blossom Bay Aromas

    I was very kindly contacted by Blossom Bay Aromas and asked if I would like to try some of their wax melts. This is a local business set in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. I am obsessed with supporting local business and love the fact that I am supporting my local economy while shopping. Obviously, I jumped at the chance as I absolutely LOVE to burn candles but had never actually got to grips with the whole wax melts thing. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a shot! Oh, boy, have I been missing out or what!!   The package arrived beautifully and securely wrapped and the scent hit me immediately…

  • Christine McCaughey and Steve with new apartment key

    Top 6 Reasons To Call An Electrician

    Top 6 Reasons To Call An Electrician Recently we purchased a new home but had no idea that we needed an electrician to come over and help us make it a bit safer. There of course are always some upgrading or repair that needs to be done to any home, unless you purchased a brand new home, but it’s important to keep up with all the changes that you could be faced with being a first time home owner! With technology going at an even faster rate, the need to have power grows each and every day and you don’t want to be left without it! If you have an…

  • Interiors

    My little corner of loveliness

    My little corner of loveliness When you share your home with other people, especially children it becomes nigh on impossible to find a little corner where you can just have your own things. Teenagers “borrow” your hairdryer, charger cables and anything else they can get their grubby mitts on 🙂 So this week I decided to take back a little bit of the house. I have previously declared my bedroom to be off limits to anyone who doesn’t sleep in there but that just led to an abundance of sleeping bodies in the bed (eye roll)  I took myself off to the local shopping centre (Rushmere Shopping Centre in Craigavon) and…