10 things to do this summer

10 things to do this summer. I am a complete sucker for reading lists like this on MSN and google so I thought I would create my own!


1.Learn to ice skate

Its usually a winter sport so why not get ready for the winter and learn to skate. Or improve your game. Check out your local ice rink for details of summer lessons. Click here if you are in Northern Ireland for details of the summer lessons available at Dundonald Ice Rink.

2. Make Homemade Ice Cream

There are literally thousands of recipes out there for making your own ice cream. I have linked my favourite one here. Or you could throw an ice cream party and have friends and family around to try out all the variations you make. Pus its a great way to keep the kids entertained!



This is in simplest terms, an outdoor treasure hunt. There are millions of places across the world. You can download apps on your phone to allow you to play along. A sense of adventure is a must and all the family will have fun with this. Check out the GAGB website here for more information.


4.Visit National Trust sites

There are hundreds of National Trust sites across the UK ranging from Park to stately homes and lots more. These are a great way to discover the history and heritage of your local area. Check out the National Trust website here. I can’t wait to visit the beach at Portstewart which is managed by the National Trust when we have our rental cottage this year.


5. Go fruit picking

I have amazing childhood memories of picking fruits with my mum and sister. We used to gorge on strawberries and to be honest, we had more in our bellies than in our baskets! Mum would also pick gooseberries which she made into jasm. Check out your local fruit farm to see what is in season and when you can go.

6.Explore your local Library

Libraries are not just for books! Many also have free internet access, coffee shops and are more a social networking place. My local library also runs classes and groups for lots of different things. Libraries are free to join and you can find out more by clicking here.


7. Go Camping

Camping is becoming huge and there are campsites popping up all over the country. If you think you need something a little fancier then check out ‘glamping’. The Camping and Caravanning club have details of sites all over the UK, Ireland and Europe. I have been a member for a couple of years now and the sites are amazing! Plus there is something to suits all budgets. Also, camping is not just for those with kids – many couples camp as well with some sites only accepting adults.


8.Sea Swimming

If you are confident in the water why not mix it up and take a dip in the ocean. Better still why not go for an early morning dip! There are many local early morning dips organised so you can check out social media and press for the details.


9. Go for a picnic

Spend the day in your local country park. Take a walk through the local forest or head to the beach. Pack a picnic and enjoy the day. IF the weather sucks, it is just as much fun to have a picnic in the car!

10. Grow some Plants

Spend some time outdoors (or create a window/patio box) and grow some of your own fruit or vegetables. Strawberries do great in hanging baskets and you can buy balcony sized fruit trees. If you don’t have the space runner beans can be lots of fun to grow. They are super tasty too – trust me that few will make it to the stove!



What are you up to this summer? Have you tried anything on here?


Until next time,

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