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Bat Out of Hell ? The Musical

Bat out of Hell – The Musical

Bat out of Hell – The Musical has had such amazing reviews. You can’t go to London without catching a show. What better one to see than the highly acclaimed musical based on the albums of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman …. “bat out of hell”

I took Owen with me who has literally heard only one Meat Loaf song in his entire life. Yet he clapped, gasped and jumped in his seat the whole way through the show. He said afterwards the he really enjoyed it which is a huge compliment from him!

The Plot

It starts with the “Lost.” A group of teenagers led by the forever young “Stroud” unsure of where they are heading in life and full of repression against “the man” 

“The Man” is Falco, husband of Sloane and father to Raven. Raven craves to join the Lost and rebel against the life that has been planned for her down to every last detail. Sloane and Falco have in turn lost their way and become bitter towards each other.

Raven in turn falls in love with Stroud and through the course of the show we experience love, hate, disgust, fear, loss, passion and revenge. The storyline is simple but the cast bring it to life creating goosebumps and lumps in the throats of many.

The Hits

The classic hits of “bat out of hell”, “paradise by the dashboard light” and “I’d do anything for love but I won’t do that” take you back to younger days. Days when life was carefree and the thought of growing old and having responsibility was miles away.

I also loved the dancing. It took me back to a “flashdance” inspired time with a dollop of rock and roll thrown on to even it out! 

The Details

The attention to detail on the stage and in the theatre was superb! The pyrotechnics, lighting and set design was perfectly complimented by the cast singing and dancing across the stage hooking us in with every line of each song.

The band was no nonsense and straight to the point blasting out each tune perfectly like it had fallen straight out of the CD player.  I won’t spoil but there is shock and awe right through!


This is honestly the best theatre performance I’ve seen. I was left wanting to blast my Meat Loaf album and dance round the kitchen. The eighties dance video vibe is there certainly and has been critiqued. I think it simply adds to the feeling of youth long forgotten.

Not to mention increases the empathy for the “Lost” and their crew as they face the perils ahead.

I’m sorry it took me so long to see it but it runs at the Dominican theatre until 5th January 2019.

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