Christmas gifts for pets – 2019 Guide

Christmas gifts for pets? I am a huge pet lover! With our furry friends being just as much of the family as anyone it is lovely to treat them at Christmas – or Dog-mas as I like to call it lol.


This is a small device that attaches to the collar of your dog. You then download an app onto your phone, input some details about your pet and voila. The app lets you know how much activity your pet is having, It also tracks their diet and weight allowing you to ensure that they are being treated well by recommending daily activity goals based on your pet’s information. I love this app – it is super easy to use and my ‘niece dog’ Bella is much happier since using the app! Find out more at


I can honestly admit I had never heard of Webbox before I started compiling this guide. So I was super happy when they sent me a few things for Bella to try out. The quality of the food is simply amazing. The products come beautifully wrapped as well. Webbox products are stocked at ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys locally to Northern Ireland.

Dogs Trust

Why not sponsor a dog? For the small price of £1 a week it is possible to provide care and support for dogs across the country helping to rehome them. You can find out more here. If you are considering getting a dog this year then please look at rehoming first.

Gifts for Cats and Horses too!

Giftpup has a huge range of personalised Christmas gifts for pets. I love this horse printed cushion cover or this beautiful low double bowl set which is perfect for cats, dogs or even rabbits! I love creating personalised gifts as I feel it adds an extra little touch to gifts and I can personally vouch that the gifts from Giftpup are great quality and even better value!


Christmas gifts for pets

Remember that animals are a lot of responsibility and are not just for Christmas! And take it from me that Christmas is the perfect time of the year to spoil your pets!

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