Morning “Self Care” Routine

It is day 11 of the #31daystobettermental health and today is all about creating a morning self-care routine.

We often ask “did you get out of the wrong side of the bed?” to those around us in a bad mood. This means that they have started the day wrong.

So I want to give you some top tips and tricks to get you in the best possible outlook for starting your day!


Get rid of the snooze button

Seriously! I have been known in the past to repeatedly hit the snooze button. However, it means that when you do get up you are tired and pressed for time. This leads you to rush around, skip breakfast and generally feel under pressure. Place the alarm clock somewhere where you will have to physically get out of bed to turn off.

Hydrate your body

I have been following Katrina Doran on Instagram for ages. She runs a series called #skincaresunday. He top tip for getting hydration into your body is to half fill a mug with cold water and top up with boiling water. This gives you ‘body temperature’ water. Chug the whole lot down in one. Your body doesn’t have to work at all to absorb this as it is the same temperature. Instant hydration.


Get up 15 minutes earlier

Yes, you heard me right! Get up 15 minutes earlier. Spend this time sipping tea or reading a magazine. Either way, you will be more awake and alert and ready to face the day.


Meditation or Yoga

Lots of people like to exercise first thing in the morning. I am not one of those people! But I do like to pause and meditate. I am not great with the whole ‘yoga’ thing but I have been trying. On better days I have even been able to do a 20-minute pilates workout – there are loads on YouTube. (I like the Mari Winsor one btw – linked here)


Prepare the night before

Have everything you need for the next day packed and ready to go. Pack your lunch and have it ready to go. Lay out your clothes as well. This way you can take your time in the morning. You won’t be rushing around looking for clothes to wear. Mornings should be chill.

Meal prep for the evening

If and only if you have time! Get into the habit of prepping dinner. This will make the evenings more relaxed when you get home. This is great in the winter when you can have soups (bacon and lentil soup linked here) or stew (Irish stew linked here) or any slow cooker/crock pot meal started in the morning. Use a plug timer too. Check out my Pinterest for loads of recipe inspiration (click here)


What are your favourite things to do in the morning? How do you prepare for the day ahead?



Until next time,

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