1 minute read: Social Media Stalking

Social media.

Or maybe Social Media Stalking? It is everywhere.

We spend our lives either looking at it, living it or stalking people on it. It has become the “gossip hub” where you can immerse yourself in the lives of others.

In times gone past we would have had whispered conversations turning into Chinese whispers about people, places and well things.

How does it make me feel?

I love it. I love seeing what people are up to. Especially I like knowing why you chose that sofa, or coat or why you decided to take a trip to a particular city.

It takes me out of my life for those few guilty moments and allows my mind to wander into your life. I suppose to be honest, your personal space.

We can try to limit what we post online but the essence of us is in each picture we post or comment we make.


Social media is truly not that sociable if we think about it.

Yes you can let everyone know what you have had for breakfast. But did you miss a conversation with your kids to post your bowl of porridge?

Have we actually lost the art of spending time with people in order to look at an electronic device showing us other peoples lives.

People we don’t know nor will probably ever know.

Does that become a valid reason to miss out on our own lives? Or those that we love?

Old Habits

How many of us lift our phone when we first wake before we say good morning to those who are around us?

Checking facebook, Instagram and emails have become so commonplace that it is the new acceptable way to behave?

Do people even talk to each other anymore or is it done through text, WhatsApp and snapchat?

Promise to change

I have made myself a promise and its to put my phone down. Or close the MacBook.

Or even mute the TV in order to have a conversation with my family.

Lets stop the Social Media Stalking and stalk ourselves.

At least once a day I want to ask each of them a question about how they are, or their day has been or whatever they want to talk about.

I want them to know that I have the time to listen and converse with them.

How much has social media taken over your life?

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