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The Sham of the ‘Gram

The Sham of the ‘Gram

I love Instagram.

Easily, I spend around an hour each day on there checking out people I follow and watching their stories. I like that I get to see that little glimpse inside their life and it makes me feel almost like I know them.

So when I seen a story from Alison Perry (@iamalisonperry) highlighting an article written by Claudia Winkleman (@claudiawinkle) for the Sunday Times Style Magazine this week (11th March 2018) then I got kinda mad!


The Article

In this article she claims that she has deleted her instagram account from her phone and stepped away from the sham that she feels Instagram has become.

She explains that she had started to feel that everything she seen or read on there was an engineered image of which many had hit the cutting floor before the perfect shot or comment had been composed.

Claudia claims that it is okay to use Instagram if you are a big brand or Lady Gaga and this is part of your “job” but for Joe public it is like barking at the moon.

Now obviously I agree with some of this. If you are Lady Gaga or a bug brand such as Rimmel London then yes, go forth and work Instagram and every other social media outlet to the max.

Getting their brand out there is important and its what puts the bread on the table so I cannot argue with that. I can however find a million faults with her comments on anyone with “less than 10million followers” who are simply “showing off”


I have an instagram account. It pleases me to photograph and capture anything and everything that makes ME happy.

I may take a picture of my dinner or my children or even the new cushion I have just bought but its MY instagram. I have followers based on my content and not one ounce of that screams “look at me!”

Its simply my way of sharing things that make me happy, sad, or any emotion I want inbetween. I don’t have a huge following (its around 1500 at this time) but my account has only been live for around 8 months and I have not made any attempt to dress it up and “sell it” to anyone.

My Instagram is a way of connecting with family, some of whom live quite far away and to has become a source of humour among them. I also have a wide range supporting me through a weigh loss journey, chronic pain, plus size fashion, mature students and so the list goes on.

It is far easier to speak to strangers than those who are closest to us such is the society we live in where we wish to be private in person yet social online. I feel that if I help one person with the things I post then that is one person who has had their life improved by the outlet that makes me happy.

So you see Claudia, its not a sham, its Instagram and we all know the genuine from the fake. So pay no attention people and continue to use Instagram the way you want. After all is is ‘social’ media.

Also who in the “real world” can afford those earrings? Certainly not real people like me.

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