Christine Loves: Tartan – 09.09.18

Tartan reminds me of rowdy Scottish men running around flashing their bum from under a kilt. Not in a bad way but I don’t think of fashion when ‘tartan’ comes to mind.

To this end, I have thrown together my favourite five pieces from New look which embrace the tartan trend head-on.


My top 5 comes from New Look this week. I’ve spent a little time in Belfast this week and I am completely blown away by the eeriness of the city centre. I think tumbleweed was all that was missing!


However, New Look Belfast is still very much open for business.  We have to pull together and support our city in the wake of the Primark fire.

This has reduced trade in the city centre by 60%! How devastating for other local businesses!

Not to mention that many other traders are now facing financial ruin as the building has not been declared structurally safe as yet. Hopefully, this will happen quickly and get the city centre back to its vibrant self.



 The Check Pinafore

Tartan Handbag

Check Scarf

Traditional Tartan Bag

Check Trousers

I love all these top 5 pieces from New Look.  The high street has many more tartan pieces to be found.

I’ve found New Look to have the biggest selection of clothes (petite, tall and curve included). Not to mention a vast selection of accessories if you aren’t brave enough to wear tartan clothes.

How do you feel about this trend? Have you embraced it full on or are you on the fence?  Let me know in the comments here or over on Instagram

Until next week.

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