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1 minute read: Iconic Bronze Tan Eraser

Iconic Bronze Tan Eraser.

I don’t know about you but I am completely sceptical about the idea of a tan eraser.

In my mind it will be something chemical that will strip my skin of all goodness and leave it dry, patchy and feeling tender. When you have spent hours scrubbing to remove a tan in the past it seems impossible that it will just magically “lift” off with a miracle product.

I have been using the bPerfect tan these days and I alternate between the medium coconut spray and the dark watermelon mousse. It’s my favourite tan ever and I especially love the spray which I can use and go.

Tan Removal

But tanning days can be well hindered when there is still some leftover tan and you want to apply a fresh new coat. So I had recently heard about this tan eraser from Iconic Bronze and I just had to give it a go to see for myself.

I purchased mine at Gordon’s Chemists for around £11 which i thought was perfectly reasonable if it lived up to my expectations!


So i set about applying the eraser. It comes out like a mousse.

It is applied to the skin and melts into the skin without leaving it sticky.

There is an unpleasant smell but it is not overwhelming.

I left the remover on for 10 minutes before I showered. It is advised that you scrub it off in the shower which I did with a simple body puff.

My skin was not dried out after and I was able to apply a fresh layer of tan. I found the whole process simple and foolproof.


I was very impressed with the eraser, it went on smoothly and lifted the majority of my tan.

I only noticed some residual tan on my feet. They had been particularly tanned but another quick application of the eraser lifted it right off.

The price point is perfect for this product and it really did what it claimed it would. I definitely will be repurchasing and I would advise others to do the same.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

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