Babyliss Wand Curls

Babyliss Wand Curls

I have really thick blonde hair. It has always been the envy of my friends and family but to me, I have never been happy.

I spent hundreds of pounds during my teenage years getting my hair permed, coloured and cut trying to find the perfect style to represent me.

Alas I never did. I spent my twenties and most of my thirties not being able to manage or style my hair. This led to years of shoddy hairstyles not to mention the occasional set of bangs! And one (or two) episodes of pink hair!

So that brings me to today. I have grown my hair to a little lower than shoulder length. I must admit that with the cocktail of medication I take this has not been easy.

I have purchased many products to help me achieve that curly beachy wave look but to no avail. Until now.


Here I am using the Babyliss Smooth Vibrancy Curling Wand. It is reasonably priced and I manage to curl my hair in less than 10 minutes! It even lasts 2-3 days!

I would highly recommend this wand to anyone wanting to have loose curls especially those with thick hair like me.

How to create perfect curls

The wand is easy to use. It heats up quickly and there are five separate heat settings. I used the hottest setting of 230c.

The ceramic conical barrel is perfect for creating soft waves. There is a cool tip meaning you don’t burn your fingers and the cord even has a swivel end! The wand comes with a heat glove but I find it easier to use without.

I simply take a section of my hair and wrap it around the barrel of the wand. I hold it in place for a few seconds and release. I leave the section alone to cool down.

After curling my hair with the wand I spray my hair liberally with hairspray. I really like the Tresemme one – I use the number 4 but any hairspray would be great. You then need to let the hair cool through for 5-10 minutes before brushing to create soft waves.

By following this method I find the waves last 2-3 days and have even had up to 5 days of great hair. This method is a no-brainer when you get results like this!

Have you tried wand curls? Let me know.

Until next time,



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