Dry damaged hair stops here ??‍♀️

I’m a natural blonde.

I’ve been a natural blonde all my life … well except those times I wasn’t lol.

I’m naturally a golden blonde and I hate it.

I’ve spent years (and ££££) trying to get the perfect shade of blonde. But with all this bleaching and toning etc my hair has become a dry Sahara and rather than chop it off here is my top tips for keeping your hair in good order.

1. Get regular trims

Seriously it will grow back and look so much better. Plus a trim can be a few mm and not a huge whack off the bottom.

2. Get your hair colour done professionally

Home dyes are handy and all but they are not good for long term hair care and it is so much easier to have a chat with your hairdresser and work towards the look you want.

3. Back up your hair colour with quality home hair care

I vary in the shampoo / conditioners I use but I’ve just purchased the OGX Brazilian shampoo and conditioner to try. Previous to that I was using Josh Wood for blonde hair and before that it was TIGI.

Again your hairdresser can advise you but don’t feel under pressure to buy from them and shop around for deals and offers. Buy shampoo and conditioner for your hair type eg dry/coloured/greasy.

4. Remember to use styling products

So for example if I was using tongs or straighteners I need to use a heat protector. For blow drying I might use a blow dry spray. Products are so important and can really help to create a finished look. Again using a shine spray to add depth to a look or even a serum to smooth can protect you hair from humidity and pollution.

5. High cost doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best

Try what works for you and your needs. What suits my hair will probably not suit yours.

What are your top tips for keeping your hair in good condition?

Has anyone tried sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

What else do you receommend?

Homemade hair masks using eggs or avocado?

Let me know x

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