One Minute Review: Denman Shower Brush

Recently I stayed at my parent’s house and I was intrigued to see that they had a Denman Shower Brush in their guest shower. It belonged to my sister-in-law who has masses of long, thick brown hair.

So I asked what she used it for. She said it helped her apply and comb through shampoo and conditioner while keeping her hair from getting tangled and knotted.

I mulled it over for a few days. I liked the thought of it but would it work for me? Luckily my local Gordons Chemist had them in stock so I popped one into my basket and brought it home.


Denman brushes are made in the UK and were actually the brainchild of a Northern Ireland gentleman called John Denman Dean. He invented them back in 1938 so they have been on the go for over 80 years! Legendary hairdresser Vidal Sasson popularised them in the sixties using them to create his iconic blow dry.

I love that the Denman brushes are still to this day produced locally in their factory in Bangor, Co Down. They are certainly a global brand. However, they have stayed close to their roots with the launch of a ‘Northern Ireland’ brush.

denman northern ireland brush

image is taken from the Gordons Chemists website


So I picked up the shower brush for less than £5.00 which was an absolute bargain. It claims to be ideal for applying shampoo, conditioner, gel, wax, oil, pomade and tonic evenly throughout the hair. Can it live up to these claims though?

How do you use it?

I wash my hair as normal. I like to double shampoo my hair as I am currently only washing it twice per week. My hair foams up on the second cleanse and I wonder if the tiny bristles of the shower brush will be able to evenly work the conditioner through my thick, bleached hair.

I apply my usual amount of conditioner to the brush and start to work it through the ends. I don’t want to condition the top of my head right away as it will just make my roots greasy. The brush works its way through the ends of my hair, coating them in creamy conditioner. I then brush through the roots of my hair. After I leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, I can then rinse as normal. I like the shower brush and I really like the fact that it can be used to gently massage the scalp as well without creating irritation. It is worth noting that the warm shower water softens the bristles so it is not as rough as it first seems.

When I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair and am pleased that it is not in knots as it usually is and I am able to comb through with ease.

I would definitely recommend anyone with long or thick hair to buy this – I promise you won’t regret it!


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