Phyto PhytoKeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask

I was recently very kindly gifted some PHYTO haircare goodies from Cosmetics Online. This is a relatively new beauty company based in Ireland and they have a wonderful range of beauty and hair products.

As you may have seen I have recently bleached my hair a little blonder for the Florida sunshine. This has caused it, along with the swimming and hot-tubbing to become coarse and brittle.

The product

Enter PHYTO Haircare. Now I had heard of PHYTO haircare previous to this and had actually used it in the past. I had really liked it and can’t remember why I stopped.

PHYTO takes care of the hair from the root to the tip and is formulated using plant botanicals and knowledge of professional hairdressers. In fact, each PHYTO product is at least 95% natural. In an age where chemicals seem to be the norm for haircare, I feel reassured that my hair will be nourished and looked after using this brand.

Phyto PhytoKeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask for Ultra Dry/Ultra Damaged Hair – 200ml


Creamy mask in a beautifully packaged gold pot. For me, with my shoulder length hair, this is about 4 applications worth in my hand so a little goes a long way.


Not only does the sumptuous, melt-in formula envelop each fibre in natural nutrition, restoring elasticity. Hair regains its strength to reveal supple, soft, and radiant hair. This Exceptional Mask delivers serious repair, hydration and featherweight softness with a dazzling shine. Above all the main results are:

  • Ultimate repair
  • Intense nutrition
  • Reduces breakage
  • Exceptional silkiness, suppleness, and shine.

Did I mention it smells AH-MAZING!!

Did it work?

My hair was left soft and manageable. It felt super nourished and not at all coarse or brittle. This little jar is worth its weight in GOLD! It is slightly pricey at €36.55/£31.47 but it is worth it in my opinion. My hair was not weighed down nor left greasy afterwards either which I loved.

There are lots of other PHYTO haircare products available on their website so you can find the perfect one to suit your hair’s needs.




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