Summer Hair Care . . . I’m coco-nutty about it!

Natural World Haircare

This past few weeks, I have been trying out the Natural World Coconut range.


Not only does it smell lush, but the smell takes me to sunny beaches and blue skies.

I have bleached blonde hair which dries out like crazy in the hot weather leaving it crisp and dry. Not the ideal look I must admit! So will this live up to my expectations? Let’s see.


About the brand

Natural World hair is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. There are no nasties in there and the range is also free from parabens, phosphates, phthalates, dyes and gluten.

The coconut smell is so good! This is because it is completely natural and is certified organic.

The shampoo and conditioner come in a generous 1000ml pump top bottle. I think this is an amazing idea for quick dispensing of product!

They are available to purchase from Tesco where they are only £6.00 each! What an amazing price for the amount of product you get.


The shampoo lathers up easily and rinses off leaving my hair feeling clean and fresh. I am obsessed with how creamy the conditioner is. It glides through my dry over processed hair and I am left with hair that you can comb through easily!

My hair feels clean and nourished which can be a hard combination to get when you have bleached hair!


Other Products in the range

I have also been trying the Coconut hair oil. Now, this is such a versatile product I am definitely sold on this. You can use it on dry hair as a pre-shampoo to nourish hair and avoid the moisture being removed through the washing process. Alternatively, you can mix a little in with your conditioner to give it that dose of extra nourishment,

The oil can also be used on damp hair to lock in moisture, tame frizz and add shine. It comes in a travel handy little 100ml size and believe me when I say a little goes a long way. You need to have this oil in your suitcase for travel and it’s only £5.00!


For now, I’m left dreaming of sunny skies and sandy beaches.


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Until next time,

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