The joy of JOICO

It would be fair to say that I am a hair care addict. I have collections of shampoos, conditoners and don’t even get me started on the amount of styling products I own!

When I was asked if I would like to try some haircare products from JOICO I literally jumped on it. I have heard such amazing things about JOICO yet had never actually gotten round to using them. As I have recently toned my hair down for the winter months I was kindly sent the JOICO K-PAK Colour Therapy shampoo and conditioner.

My first thoughts were on how beautiful the packaging was. The bottles are sleek and a beautiful colour of gold. They are 300mls each which a great size not only to handle in the shower but in quantity of product as well.


What I love about JOICO K-PAK colour Therapy shampoo and conditioner is that they are formulated not only to protect coloured hair but also to repair and rebuild damaged hair. For someone who has spent years bleaching and colouring my hair this is a huge bonus for me.


The shampoo is creamy and smells divine. You only need to use a small amount (think 50pence piece) which I applied to damp hands, rubbed together and applied to my hair. If you wash your hair daily then one shampoo would be enough. I have not washed my hair in a few days so I wanted to double shampoo. This just means that I repeat the shampoo process again. My hair is left feeling clean but not that horrible squeaky clean which cries out for moisture.


I then applied a dollop (think Brazil nut size) of conditioner and again rubbed between my damp clean hands and apply to the ends of my hair first. I worked this through my hair avoiding the roots as I didn’t want my hair to go limp and greasy. The products are amazing quality and you really don’t need huge quantities of either product as they both go a long way. They smell amazing and the smell lasts a couple of days without fading.


My hair was left soft, shiny and feeling amazing after using these products. It felt stronger and healthier than ever and I was complimented on how lovely it looked.


I love these products and I am looking forward to buying some of the styling products in the range.








My headband in the above picture is from Lola Got Papped

*This post contains PR samples but the opinions expressed are my own

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