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1 minute read: Epibrow “Hello Henna Brows”

Being blonde

I am a natural Blonde.

Most people spend their lives bleaching and colouring their hair to achieve that “blonde look” and I suppose they also spend £££ doing it.

Being blonde may be great but there is one thing that drives me insane!

I have blonde eyelashes and brows.


I spend ££ and hours trying to achieve thick black lashes and beautiful brown brows. Tinting can only do so much and I have a drawer full of brow pencils, creams, waxes and powders, not to mention the mascaras I also have that claim to catch ALL those little lashes and make them look thick and full.

But these products can only do so much and it gets to the point where I start to wonder how much damage am I causing my eyes with the constant chemical tinting.

Henna Brows

Then I heard about Hello Henna Brows. This is a vegan friendly, chemical free way of tinting brows and lashes without the exposure to developing agents which may cause irritation. The Henna is mixed only with cooled boiled water.

Plus the results can last up to 7 weeks! That is waaaaaay longer than regular tinting. The cost is slightly more BUT when you take into account that the treatment lasts twice as long between salon visits then I think its a definite winner!

Here is my before and after pictures

What a difference!

As you can see my hair is thicker and fuller looking as all the little hairs have been tinted.

When I return from my travels I will be going back to get my brows done!

Gillian works at Exclusive Beauty by Gillian and can be contacted either through her websitefacebook or by phoning on 028 2586 2477


Have you tried Henna? What did you think? Let me know.


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