Benefit Brow Wax

Benefit Brow Wax

A Benefit Brow Wax is the second amazing birthday treat offered by the Debenhams Beauty Club.

I had popped into Debenhams a few days ago to make my appointment. It was all arranged within a few minutes – no hassle.

I received a confirmation email and the option to add to my booking such as brow tint, or any of the other treatments offered. I could also change the time if I needed. I liked this as sometimes life can be unpredictable.

Brows for days?

Now I have always been funny about my brows and to be honest they have always been the bane of my existence. Every beautician I have ever been to seems to want to turn them into speech marks (think 99!). This makes me wonder why I even bother!

My appointment started with the paperwork. I was talked through the treatment and what it entailed as well as any side effects or aftercare I would need. This is to to avoid any reactions or adverse side effects to the treatment.

The appointment

My consultant was amazing. She chatted away to me all through the treatment and made sure that I was happy at all times. The treatment started off with her talking me through the way I like my brows and what I should have tidied up. She showed me in a mirror which really helped to put the treatment into perspective for me. I felt relaxed and confident that this would have a good outcome.

The treatment itself was relatively painless. Obviously it is wax and on my face so there was a degree of ouch but it was not too bad. Again when the treatment was finished my consultant made sure that I was happy with it before rubbing some aloe gel onto the area to soothe and calm.

I love how clean and organised the work station was. It was also out of the main thoroughfare of the makeup section so I didn’t feel too conspicuous having a beauty treatment carried out in full view of everyone.

I also liked that there was absolutely no pressure on me to purchase any of the Benefit cosmentics. This is very important to me as I hate feeling obligated when I have a treatment.

Before and After above.

All in all the treatment was very good. I felt at ease, relaxed and extremely happy with the final result. Thank you so much Debenhams and Benefit for this amazing birthday treat!


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