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Perfect Lips …. Look no further its all here!

We all love the warm weather. I know I do. Until my lips get dry and start to look neglected.

So here is my checklist for having the perfect lips:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Moisturise
  3. Lip Liner
  4. Lipstick
  5. Gloss


Lips can look dull due to dead skin cells. This can be from heat, cold or just overlicking. So it is important to remove these in order to provide the best possible base for lip products. Many brands have now produced their own lip scrubs. I personally find that L.A. Girl, Barry M or Elf Cosmestics do the best ones. They also have a great price point being round the £5 mark as well as being widely available.

lip scrub collage

Higher end such as this Dior Beauty one is also amazing but unless you have the cash to splurge it is unnecessary to spend so much on a lip scrub – not too shabby if you want to treat yourself though!

You can also get great results making your own lip scrub.  Take equal parts of coconut oil (you could also use Vaseline) and brown sugar. A drop of peppermint oil added to the scrub will also help to plump lips.  Use 2/3 times per week for best results.

A simple run over your lips with an old toothbrush will also slough the dead skin away but a lip scrub is much gentler.


As I already said lips are vunerable to hot and cold conditions as well as simple overlicking. Therefore it is really important to keep lips moisturised and prevent chapping from occurring. The beauty of lip balms is that they are usually pocket sized and budget friendly so you can have them hanging round everywhere. I have one in the car, kitchen, handbag, and beside my bed. That’s in addition to the 5/6 I find in drawers, makeup bags and coat pockets. Keeping lips moisturised will also help to keep them plump and full.

My favourites are Lanolips, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip protectant, Weleda skin food lip balm and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. These range in price from £6 to £20 but in my opinion are well worth every penny. I currently own all of these and I could not chose a favourite. I also found a tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom in an old handbag which I suppose I should also place in the running.

glossie balm dotcom

TOP TIP: Always slather a moisturiser on your lips after brushing your teeth as the toothpaste dries out lips.

Lip Liner

The secret to the perfect formed lip is to outline first using a lip liner. Lip liner prevent bleeding of colour as well as helping to make your lipstick last longer. Lip Liners are really widely available and can be picked up for as little as a pound! My two favourite lip liner are the Wet’n’Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner in the shade ‘bare to comment’ and Mac Lip Liner in the shade ‘Soar’. Aimee Connolly has recently launched a lip liner quad which gives you 4 shades of liner in the one chunky pencil – perfect for travel!

Start by lining your lips. Keep the mouth relaxed and the lips slightly apart for the best recults. You can line slightly outside the lip to create a fuller look if you need to. Then continue to ‘colour in’ your lips. This will provide a great base for your lipstick. You can also apply more lip liner after your lipstick to tidy up or enhance the edges. Another thing to note is to ensure your lip pencil is sharp before starting. I find that depending on the liner, keeping it in the fridge for an hour before sharpening can really help to prevent breakage.


Unfortunately I cannot help you find the perfect lip colour. That’s on you. I can, however, help you find the right lipstick to keep your lips looking amazing all summer (and winter) long. There are literally so many types of lipstick ranging from super nourishing to extra matte. Again you van have drying formulas like the 24 hour ones which stick to your lips and don’t budge. These can be extra drying on the lips as can a matte formulation. Luminous lipsticks with sheen in them tend to be more moisturising. Again you can get satin or high gloss lipsticks depending on the range and brand. Do your research and don’t be afraid to go into a department store like Debenhams, John Lewis or even Selfridges and try lipsticks out.

My favourite lipsticks are MAC Liptensity in Ginger Rose, M&S Autograph Lasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Mulberry‘ and Bare Minerals ‘Crave’ all of which are pinky toned. In years gone by I was addicted to nude lips although having never found the perfect nude I have moved on. I also went through a phase where I loved brown tones (does anyone else remember Rimmel ‘Coffee Shimmer’!!!)

With regards to colour don’t be afraid to try new things out. Nudes they say should match the colour of your nipples – which make me giggle every time I hear it. Also worth noting is that orange toned lips look amazing with a tan!

Don’t be afraid to apply lipstick with a lip brush if it makes you feel better. There are no hard and fast rules here just go with what you feel is comfortable and right for you.

Lastly always help a sister out and tell her if she has lipstick on her teeth lol.


Lip Gloss

There are lots of lip glosses out there and in years gone by they were specifically for teenage girls. Nowadays the range available is phenomenal and lip gloss can be worn by all ages. I was never a fan of lip gloss. When I smoked years ago it was too wet and sticky. Now I love to get a slick of gloss on my lips before heading out. My favourites have to be the Elf Cosmetics Plumping lip gloss which gives lips a tingle plumping them up. It is super cheap at less than a tenner as well.

elf plumping lip gloss


And finally just for fun I am including this article about a woman who was left with almost perfect lipstick after her airbag deployed in a care accident – wowzers!


Until next time,


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