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Bioglan Beauty Collagen

Bioglan Beauty Collagen

Recently I was gifted some Bioglan Beauty collagen to try. I have recently started looking after my skin on the outside. Why would I not do the same on the inside?

I have mentioned this several times before but at the age of 37 I am really thinking about how I can preserve my skin, hair and nails to the best of my ability. My body has been ill for several years and the effects of medication have been profound.


Hair and Skin

My hair has become brittle and breaks easily, my nails peel at times and my skin can look dull and listless. Multivitamins can help but to be honest you need to take something targeted to get the best outcome.



This is where Bioglan comes in. I have been trying the Bioglan Beauty Collagen gummies and effervescent for the past month to see if I could make a difference to my hair, nails and skin.

The gummies

The gummies come in a jar. They are chewy and tasty (strawberry). There is no horrible aftertaste. The jar recommends you take between 2-5 gummies daily and the jar contains 60 gummies. I took 2 daily and after 30 days I have noticed that my skin is more supple. My hair and nails are stronger and I have less peeling on my nails. My hair seems to fall out less as well. Bioglan use marine type 1 collagen which is the most abundant from of collagen found in the body. The only allergen in the gummies is the fish collagen so they are suitable for most people. The gummies retail at £18.99 for a jar which I think is amazing for the results you get.

The effervescent tablets are completely amazing. They are a tablet which you add to a glass of water twice daily. It tastes just like berry cordial again with no unpleasant aftertaste. There are 20 tables in a tube and I found these perfect for keeping in my handbag or taking on the run. They retail at £8.99 which again for the results you get is such a minimal price to pay.

The packaging was pleasant to look at and easy to deal with. The instructions are easy to follow and the labels are well laid out.


Did they make a difference?

I noticed a difference in my hair, skin and nails after taking the supplements for 30 days. I was happy with the taste of the supplements and the look of the packing was attractive as well as being easy to use. The price point, in my opinion, was not excessive compared with others on the market.

I would recommend these so if you are looking for a supplement to help improve your hair, skin and nails then go to to give these a try.

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