Fake Tan – faking it all the way!

Fake Tan

So we are off to Portugal  (did I mention that already!). This is the first time that I have decided to tan before heading away. I mean no one deserves to see my white, pasty legs and arms!

So being the impulse buyer that I am I rushed into the local chemist to pick up some fake tan. There were choices available from St Tropez, fake bake, Bellamianta or an Superdrug oil self tan.

I chose the St Tropez. The day before I had shaved my legs and exfoliated using my elemis body brush (I recommend that EVERYONE has one of these in their beauty regime). Importantly I had showered beforehand to make sure that all traces of perfume and deodorant were gone. Deodorant can make your tan turn green which can be scary to look at.



I applied the tan before bed and then wore an old pair of pyjamas to bed. There was minimal amount of transfer onto the sheets or pillowcases the next morning and my pyjamas weren’t covered either. In fact I timed this with fresh sheets day and all traces were removed in the wash. Result!

The tan developed to a lovely golden glow and was even all over. I would recommend remembering to apply moisturiser to hand, feet, elbows and knees before tanning to stop these dry areas absorbing more tan but I just scrubbed  any excess off with a shower puff easily. I’m very pleased with how this tan smells and the initial smell was not bad but 24 hours later is much stronger so be prepared.



All in all I would recommend buying this tan as it is pretty fool proof and any errors seem to be correctable quite easily.

I’ve linked the products used below but shop around as promotions can make them cheaper elsewhere.

Link for Elemis body brush

Link for St Tropez express mousse


Happy Tanning!

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