LIERAC Double cleanser and gel toner

LIERAC Double cleanser and gel toner. I am all about the balm cleansers these days. I love how luxurious they feel on my skin not to mention that I don’t have to double cleanse as everything is melted off my face.

So when I had the opportunity to try out the LIERAC Double Cleanser cream and gel toner I was intrigued. Can a cream really give me the results of a double cleanse? And a gel toner? Would it be sticky on my skin? Would my skin be dried out? I needed to try these and see for myself.

Firstly the LIERAC double cleanser cream. It smells super clean and the texture is really light. It foams up when applied to a wet face but not too much that you will be tasting it with your cornflakes! A light rub across your face and rinse off with water and your skin is left feeling clean. Not tight. Just really clean.

Then for the LIERAC gel toner. This again is light and easy to apply. There is an initial stickiness and alarm bells started to ring but this quickly subsided and my skin was left feeling clean ready for the day.

I love these LIERAC products and I think they are beautifully packaged and easy to use. The smell is clean and not- offensive. I would definitely recommend these. Remember though my skin is on the dry side with occasional breakouts (where I hold my face with my dirty hands ?) so this may not be for you if your skin is oily.

These products were kindly gifted to me (with no obligation) from Cosmetics Online. They have an amazing range of products for hair, skin and body and are well worth checking out.

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