Skin Genius Leave On purifying gel

Skin Genius Leave On purifying gel is a natural solution for Acne. During my teenage years, I suffered slightly with acne breakouts. I was lucky.  Both my children have been affected to a more serious level. Sophie thankfully is on the other side now that she is entering her twenties. However, Owen, at 13, is just starting his battle. This is where Skin Genius comes in.


There are 3 products available in the range. First, you have the foaming facial wash, followed by the Leave-on purifying gel and finally the Soothing Moisturiser.


We have kindly been gifted the Leave On purifying Gel to try. I wanted to know would it be effective under suncream and in the summer when acne prone skin can become dry and irritated. Owen suffers from acne mainly on his forehead. Skin Genius is safe enough to use anywhere on the body where there is acne such as back, neck, arms and chest.


Leave On Purifying Gel

The Leave On Purifying Gel is Skin Genius’ maximum strength and fast-acting treatment. The gel treats inflamed spots and reduces redness immediately. This gives immediate soothing to the skin and can stop further aggravating the area by rubbing and scratching it.

Owen has been using the product for one week and you can see an immediate difference

(The top picture is Owens head after one week of using Skin Genius.

The bottom image is Owen before he started using the gel)



It contains Oregon grape, Nettle and Chamomile. These ingredients firstly cleanse the skin and then help to heal it.

They also kill bacteria helping to reduce the spread of acne.


The gel soaks into the skin easily within a few minutes. It smells clean and fresh and there is no lasting stickiness on the skin.


The bottle

It comes in a 100ml pump top bottle. There are 3 months worth in each bottle which for £19.99 works out at 22p per day. Each application is half a pump. The product should be used each evening for best results. If you have more severe acne breakouts you can also use in the morning.


Owen loves this product and it has been a great way to introduce him to a daily skincare routine. His acne has improved and so has his confidence.


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