Tropic Skincare

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Tropic skincare

If you are like me you will have seen plenty of buzz around social media surrounding Tropic Skincare.

I thought it simply to be another hyped up mail-order type brand with no real substance behind its advertising.

Tropic Skincare stands with Cruelty-Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always. The brand is supported by Sir Alan Sugar after Suzie Ma (tropic founder) appeared on The Apprentice. You can not only purchase directly from the Tropic shop online but you can also buy from a local representative where you can have an opportunity to find out which products are best for you, even try the products and know that you are supporting your local community. Sounds too good to be true? So how good are the products?



The Range

I was very kindly gifted some of the tropic skincare range to try. Unusually for me, I was sceptical about the range but having heard so many good things about it I was dying to try it. This did lead to me taking a huge amount of time to try it out. I mean the range is sustainably sourced from plants and fruits around the world and then freshly made within the tropic kitchen. Surely there must be a downside to this? I love the idea of using natural products on myself but does this limit the shelf life of the product? Or its effectiveness?

Packaging and Storage

I was amazed at just how luscious each product was. The quality was simply amazing from packaging to texture and smell to ease of use. Even the price point is amazing so the range is perfect for those of us wanting high-end skincare on a low-end budget. The packaging is also beautiful. The products come in stunning coloured paper/boxes and then the simple packaging underneath is just really beautiful.

Some of the products are recommended to store in the refrigerator but I simply found them to be even more cooling and soothing kept this way – I now think all my skincare should move to the fridge alongside my prosecco!

So what products did I try?

Deep Hydrating Soothing Cooling Mask

This mask is priced at £20. It comes in a beautiful 50ml pot which last for ages. I stored mine in the fridge and used it 3 times a week especially as coming into the winter months my skin was getting dry and thirsty due to the cold weather and indoor central heating. My skin was super soft and nourished.


Fruit Peel Resurfacing Serum

This serum was delightful on my skin. I used it at bedtime to make my skin look and feel fresh and bright in the morning. I loved how it made my skin feel as well. At £41 it is well worth the investment especially if you have dull skin. A bonus is that you can buy a refill for this product which is great.


Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist

You all know how much I love a skin spritz and this simply blew me away! The smell and sensation my skin was delicious. I felt refreshed, cooled and relaxed all with a couple of pumps of this. I noticed how much firmer my skin felt after using this and I think that in conjunction with the Fruit Peel my skin was much brighter and smoother. A total bargain at only £14 for a 150ml bottle.


Face Smooth Brightening Polish

I have tried many higher-end face polishers/cleansers and personally felt them to be a waste of money/overpriced. Not this one! Priced at only £15 I would easily recommend it to friends and family. The cleanser is creamy and luxurious in texture and believe me it lasts for AGES! There are no microbeads in this product which as someone who is trying to be more conscious about my environmental impact is great. I love that there are orange, lemon and lime essential oils in there as well which smell amazing!

Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner

I wrote a piece on the blog last summer about keeping your lips in tip-top condition and I wish I had tried this back then as it would have been top on the list. The Lip fudge comes in three kissable colours – clear, Rosewood and Pink Guava (I tried Pink Guava) My lips were super soft and nourished. For £12 the value is amazing.

Eye Work Rejuvenating Serum

I have been blessed with dark puffy eyes since having my wonderful children! (ha!) Team that with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and everything else and you have eyes that look like oversized baggage daily. This amazing eye serum comes in a cooling pen-like application and you simply twist and apply. A little goes a long way and when kept in the fridge this product works miracles at making your eyes look somewhat normal – win-win! You too can have one for the teeny tiny investment of only £28 of your hard-earned pounds and in my opinion, it is worth them all!!

Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil

We all need that little extra love sometimes and the Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil is it for me. The thick dark green oil is healing and nutritious. The green colour helps to calm redness and the amazing ingredients help to soothe irritation. This oil is so amazing for your face! Priced at only £42 the value of this product is simply astounding! Again available in a refill. I must admit that this is great for helping with dry skin patches on the body too and my elbows, heels and knees have loved it these past few months.

So would I buy Tropic Skincare again?

No doubt about it – yes yes yes!

Even after I shared an IGTV video about my Tropic Skincare routine my 20-year-old daughter messaged me to say she was about to buy the acne-focused bundle to help with her skin. You can watch my IGTV here.

Simply put Tropic Skincare is not simply a middle-aged brand, no it encompasses all ages and all skin types.

Tropic Skincare is not just skincare – they have branched into the world of makeup and hair care too. I cannot wait to try both because you can bet if they are anything like the skincare range I will be hooked!

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