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    Milia Removal

    Milia Removal I have had milia for the past number of years. In fact probably as long as I can remember there have been these bumps sitting on my face not visible to anyone else but for me they may as well had signposts stuck out of them because I thought they were HUGE. Milia are essentially a keratin-composed cyst which you may think is a good thing as keratin is essential to having great skin but not when it clumps together and forms a hard lump buried deep into the epidermis of the skin. They feel like a spot and may even look like one but they are buried…

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    1 minute read: Natural World – Superfood for Hair

    Natural World Lately I have been trying out the Natural World Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner. Ive also been using the Coconut hair oil for the past couple of weeks. Yes its me, the self confessed hair care junkie! Now you know that I am addicted to hair care products and that I find it so difficult to find products. Especially ones that work on a long term basis for my hair. Yes you can have a great one off use of a product or maybe even use it for a week. But for me after that I experience greasy hair, itchy scalp or my personal “favourite” dry, coarse hair…

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    Bioglan Beauty Collagen

    Bioglan Beauty Collagen Recently I was gifted some Bioglan Beauty collagen to try. I have recently started looking after my skin on the outside. Why would I not do the same on the inside? I have mentioned this several times before but at the age of 37 I am really thinking about how I can preserve my skin, hair and nails to the best of my ability. My body has been ill for several years and the effects of medication have been profound.   Hair and Skin My hair has become brittle and breaks easily, my nails peel at times and my skin can look dull and listless. Multivitamins can…

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    The joy of JOICO

    It would be fair to say that I am a hair care addict. I have collections of shampoos, conditoners and don’t even get me started on the amount of styling products I own! When I was asked if I would like to try some haircare products from JOICO I literally jumped on it. I have heard such amazing things about JOICO yet had never actually gotten round to using them. As I have recently toned my hair down for the winter months I was kindly sent the JOICO K-PAK Colour Therapy shampoo and conditioner. My first thoughts were on how beautiful the packaging was. The bottles are sleek and a…

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    Getting ‘down’ with ageing

    This is a post that I have been wanting to write for quite some time and its something that I guess we should be talking more about. I am 37. I have given birth naturally to three children. Plus I take a lot of medication for my fibromyalgia.   Now these things have taken a toll on my body in many ways but there is one area in which I have noticed a huge change and yet its a “taboo” topic. Well not here ladies. I want to talk about the affects of life, love and ageing on our vaginal skin. Vanity We spend copious amounts of money each year…

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    Ghouls just wanna have fun …. at Debenhams

    Debenhams So on Tuesday (30.10.18)  I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Dublin for the Debenhams Ireland Glamoween Event. I was super excited about this as Debenhams is my absolute FAVOURITE department store and I love my local one at Rushmere Shopping Centre. We were promised “beauty and bubbles” and oh boy did Debenhams deliver!       Glamoween The theme of the night was “Glamoween” and I have to admit that the decor and thought that had been put into the evening was superb. The event was held in the stunning Morrison Hotel on Lower Ormond Quay in Dublin which is part of the Hastings Group. Beauty…