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    LifewithChristine is under construction!

    LifewithChristine is under construction! I have finally taken the plunge and scrapped the terrible WordPress themes (no offence WordPress!)   I have been seriously struggling to find a theme for my blog since I removed the PIPDIG one (you can read why here)   After the scandal regarding Pipdig being able to wipe out websites using a plugin I have to admit I got totally freaked. It is super disheartening for someone like me who has invested time (and money) building their website and creating content only to hear it can all be wiped out/destroyed etc.   Therefore I have been trying out a few WordPress themes in order to…

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    2018 in review

    I have seen lots of different people over the past few days post their 2018 in review.  This is such as great idea. Reflecting on the year just past is a lovely way of recognising your achievements. On the flip side I have all seen lots of new year resolutions being made. I wonder how many are still holding strong mid-march? As you guys know I like to be different. Mixing things up is my jam. So I want to write a combination post about the past year and the new year coming in.   2018 in Review Giving up Work/Homeschooling This has been a life-changing year for me. At…

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    Gifts I got for Christmas 2018

    I have been super blessed this year (Christmas 2018) and received some amazing gifts from friends and family. My inner circle is very small and intimate so gift buying and giving is very nicely tailored to each person. Ho Ho Ho. Alexa Echo Dot Alexa Echo Dot – I have been playing with “Alexa” for the past few days now and I love her. She recognises my voice really well and I have found her to be useful at telling me things like the news and weather as well as playing songs, telling jokes and playing me whale noises to help me sleep. The Echo dot was very easy to…

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    Saving money Series: Part 1 – Nails

    So I have been asked several times lately about how I manage to afford to do all these great and wonderful things that I get up to. The answer is in short that it is tough so I thought that I would pop together a little series of blog posts on saving money. I am also including how to keep up with the latest trends while not hurting your wallet too much! So part one brings me to: NAILS Nails Everywhere you look these days there are ladies running around with perfect manicured nails that have cost £25 and upwards at the local salon and only seem to last 3/4 weeks.…

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    Hello …. I’m Back

    I’m back! So you may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA of late. I decided that if I wanted to take the blog forward and properly I should invest in it properly. This involved masses (and I mean masses!!) of technical jargon and processes that to be honest I still don’t understand. The break also gave me some time to focus on the direction I want my blog to take. I also spent some time with friends and family. Blogging can be lonely sometimes when you go deep into your bubble. I am forever closing myself away as part of my anxiety which can make it harder to take…

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    1 minute read: escapism

    Escapism. So yesterday I took a ride out on my motorbike. I haven’t been able to get out on it all over the good weather we had been having and the battery had actually run flat. Anyway it was so good to get out on the open road, feel the wind in my hair and across my body making me escape to my happy zone. My Happy Place My happy zone is the place where my mind is freed from all the sludge of the day to day. For me I forget about bills that have to be paid, chores that have to be done and everything else that drags…