Homeschooling …… day 1

So today may just seem like an ordinary day.

It’s the first Monday of November 2018 and the weather is dreary outside.

Nothing out of the ordinary then you may say but here at the lifewithchristine household its a momentous day!

Homeschooling started today. 

I am now solely responsible for everything educational my 12 year old son learns from this point on.

It’s scary.

And daunting.

Our Process

We spent an hour today chatting about what we both expected from this process.

I wanted Owen to feel that he has as much say in how we progress with homeschooling as I do. We need to work together and be on the same page or confusion and temper tantrums will ensue.

We decided that we will start at the beginning of each of the CGP books I have purchased and work our way through them.

Any work that has already been taught to Owen can be revised and anything new can be learnt. This way we have a routine to complete the entire book from start to finish. Owen liked this. 


I have the following books to start with:

Maths – Key stage 3 Maths

English – Key stage 3 English 

Science – Key stage 3 Science

History – Key stage 3 History

Geography – Key stage 3 Geography

Religious Education – Key stage 3 Religious Education

(Click on any of the books above to take you to the amazon page where I purchased the books)

I should also point out that these books would be great revision guides for anyone struggling at Key stage 3.

I have also purchased the Maths, English and Science test book (click here)

It is definitely enough to get us started. For now.

I am hoping to expand our collection with languages, art, reading and hands on trips and visits.


I have the first lesson/assignment set. It is a research project on the solar system. I want Owen to spend this first week building a project on the sun, planets, asteroids and space.

He should present this as a project with an introduction and write about each things as well as draw them. He has to include references at the end.

As Owen has such poor handwriting I have asked him to write the introduction and the rest can be typed. He seems really excited about this and has disappeared into his room.

So it begins…..

I obviously won’t write all the assignments and things we cover on here but I will keep you all updated on our journey.

Day one – check!

Wish us luck!

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