Make your own: Neon Canvas Sign

Make your own Neon Canvas Sign at home?  Really? Yes, you can with my easy and quick tutorial.


I have seen lots of these Neon signs all over the internet. But they are super pricey! I even tried googling how to make my own and yet there were very little tutorials out there to tell me how to do it – maybe I was just looking in the wrong place but I thought I would create a little guide to how I made mine so you at home can follow along and make your own!



You will need:

Neon Wire – I bought this one from amazon and there was LOADS leftover so larger words/phrases are totally possible with this one. I liked that it has a flashing option as well and it was only £12.39 when I purchased it.

Canvas – I bought a set of three canvas from B&M Bargains for £4.99 – this is the largest one and measures roughly 20″x16″ (50x40cms)

Glue gun – I really want a cordless one but I used a mini one from Hobbycraft at £5.00

Glue sticks – I used 3 clear ones BUT you could use coloured ones or even sparkly glue sticks for extra bling!

Electrical tape – this was used to tape off the excess on the back – it is safe to use on electrical wires and also stops any light coming through the canvas

Pencil – for drawing your design. I designed mine in Canva and printed off to copy



How to Make:


Sketch out the design on your canvas. Do this in pencil so you can erase easily if you make a mistake.


Punch a hole in the canvas where your wire will start. You will need to push the end of the wire through this hole. Fasten on the back. I should have wrapped this in electrical tape to stop it showing through but I didn’t. However, you can learn from my mistake and do this.


Run a line of hot glue around the first letter and stick down your neon wire. Be careful as the glue is hot – I ended up picking lots of glue off my hands. If you are making this with kids I would use a set of tweezers or help them as the glue is really HOT!


Continue to run the wire around your letters bit by bit and glue the neon wire down. As the glue cools it will firmly stick you wire down.  I have tried this with LOTS of other types of glue and hot glue is the only one that works effectively.




When you get to the end of your word, punch another hole in the canvas and pass the wire through to the back. As I only made one word I then taped off the wire and added the battery pack. If you are making another word or a phrase then at the end of each word you can punch the neon wire through to the back of the canvas and back through again at the start of the next word. You can use the electrical tape to tape off the wire at the back of the canvas so it doesn’t show through.



Make as many as you like! Also, you can add art or designs around the canvas if you like or leave as is. When your glue is dry you can clean up the excess hot glue and erase any pencil marks.



I will be sharing the full video of me making this over on my Instagram – linked here


Have fun and tag me if you make your own: Neon Canvas Sign!


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