Lush Belfast

Lush Belfast

Opening of the new Lush Belfast store.

Oh my word it’s the end of July and I can’t even begin to figure out where the past month has gone!

So yesterday (Friday 27th July) I went down to Belfast for the opening of the new LUSH store in Castle Lane. Conveniently it was payday so things were gonna get messy.

I went with the gorgeous Gillian from Eyeliner Flicks who like me is addicted to all the fab goodies LUSH has to offer.

The new store is amazing. There is so much space for all the products to be displayed and played with.

No to mention the consultation areas and even a compounder area for bath bomb making ?

I had to buy a couple of things and was recommended the no drought dry shampoo and the silky underwear powder which I am absolutely dying to try out.

I also purchased the breath of fresh air toner water which as you know I am addicted to facial spritzing at the moment so looking forward to keeping this one on hand.

The store smells amazing and is such a sensation on your senses.

The staff are so friendly and will give you lots of help and advice on all the products. Remember all products are natural and cruelty free.

So what you waiting for? Get down there immediately and bring lots of cash ?


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