BetterYou Vegan Oral Health Spray
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BetterYou Vegan Oral Health Spray

*BetterYou Vegan Oral Health Spray was kindly gifted to me by BetterYou

So as you guys know I decided to try Veganuary. This is where you adopt a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. As a meat-eater this was a huge challenge for me – in fact, I’ve even been known as ”t-rex” amongst my friends.

But what about my health?

I have been using the range of magnesium products from BetterYou for months. They have been amazing. So when the guys asked me if I wanted to try out the BetterYou Vegan Oral Health Spray I jumped at the chance.

BetterYou Vegan Oral Health Spray

The spray is a handy-sized bottle which contains enough to last for 48 days! It has a lovely fruity flavour and there is no nasty aftertaste. The formulation is approved by the vegan society.


There are four main ingredients vegan vitamin D, B12, iron and iodine.


Vitamin D and B13

Honestly, I have no idea when it comes to vitamins. There are literally so many that nourish and improve different parts of your body that I think it’s impossible to remember them all. However when I researched veganism, these two stood out as being important. Vitamin D supports your immune system, maintenance of bones and teeth and normal muscle function. While B12 is vital for normal metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and psychological function. As someone who has had so much trouble with my teeth in the past, I have been doing everything in my power to help keep them strong and healthy. I also have trouble with my thyroid gland which controls your metabolism (the rate which you burn energy). As my thyroid runs slow it’s important to support it in any way I can.


Iron is mainly found in red meat. So vegans tend to have a much lower iron intake. Yes you can find it in spinach and such but at much lower levels. With iron being essential for reducing tiredness and fatigue as well as improving red blood cell formation and cognitive function. I find that when my iron intake is low I suffer hugely as I have fatigue and tiredness anyway.


There are so many health benefits to iodine and yet it is rarely talked about. The main benefit of iodine is that it improves your thyroid function and therefore your metabolism. It also supports skin health (that’s the glow we all crave!) and normal cognitive function. What a powerful little mineral!


Phew! The health benefits of Vitamin D3 and B12 alone are more than enough to convince me that this spray is for me! Vitamin D3 comes mainly from dairy so when you are considering a vegan diet it is something you need to be aware of.

Meat eaters can pick up enough B12 to support their body without supplementing it but unfortunately, it can be something that lacks in a vegan diet. The BetterYou spray is simply 4 sprays into your mouth once a day. The supplement is easily absorbed quickly through the cheek membrane and straight into your bloodstream. I don’t know about you but I love knowing the science behind the choices I make!

I must admit that after taking the spray for a month that I feel great. It has made me feel much more energised, refreshed and ready to take on the world!


I would honestly recommend this spray to anyone wanting to improve their health. With no nasty tablets or capsules to swallow it’s perfect for supporting children over 3 years old. With my health conditions, I take so many pills that it is really nice to have an alternative way to support my body.


The spray is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The BetterYou range is simply fantastic and there are lots of choices depending on your needs. I swear by the magnesium range for my restless legs.


You can buy the Better You range online or in Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.


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