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Christmas 2019 Gift Guide – Chronic Illness Gift Ideas

Chronic Illness Gift Ideas?

Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and friends but when you suffer from a chronic illness it can feel far from joy and laughter.

So what do you buy for someone who suffers from a Chronic Illness? How do you inject a spark of elation when they open their gifts? Well here are a few of my ideas


Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company stocks a wide range of products to assist with mobility and daily living. I love their blue badge covers. These are super protective wallets for keeping your blue badge safe. I love that they have matching travel sets which include a blue badge holder, radar key and folding walking stick such as this William Morris Golden Lily Travel Set. I have this one myself and I love it!

Bud & Tender CBD Oil

As you guys know I have been trying CBD Oil this year. CBD Oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and delivers scores of health benefits without the high. One of the main uses for CBD Oil is its pain-relieving properties. Bud & Tender CBD Oil is

I have been using the 1000mg CBD Oil and I can honestly say that I love it. My pain levels are more manageable and I even gave pole dancing a try! Results vary for each individual but the support you will receive from the guys at Bud & Tender is second to none. They will guide you through your journey and help you pick the right product for your own needs.

Dreamland Heat Pad

The Dreamland Heat Pad has been a lifesaver for me. This is a portable heat pad with 5 different settings. It is machine washable – perfect for keeping it clean and fresh. It costs less than 1p per use and has an automatic shutoff after 3 hours. I have even taken mine with me on holidays! It rolls up so it is easy to take from room to room. The pad is also super soft which is perfect for those suffering from sensitivity to touch.

Amazon Alexa

This may seem like a strange one but my parents bought me an Amazon Alexa device for Christmas last year. There are lots of things you can do with Alexa. She tells me jokes, reads the news, tells me the weather and updates me on my packages. She can also give me voice messages from my family as well as turn on and off compatible plugs meaning I don’t have to get out of bed on bad days. I use these plugs with mine.

Oil diffuser

I now have several Oil Diffusers around my home. I received my first one as a gift and honestly, I have never looked back. Essential oils have many healing and medicinal properties. I diffused citronella oil while on holidays and didn’t get one insect bite! There are many different types of diffuser including USB, remote control, light up and even ?? Purchasing a starter pack of oils such as these from Holland and Barratt can be a lovely accompaniment to an oil diffuser.


This may seem like a funny one but it can be truly hard for those with Chronic Pain to find soft, comfortable clothing that is suitable for wearing during the day both while up and about and in bed. Enter Loungewear! The key is to find a set that is soft, easy to wash and dry and durable. For women, this set from Next which includes a cable knit jumper, dress, leggings and cardigan is really lovely or these Men’s choices from Debenhams. Paired with a nice pair of slipper or a book and this can be the usual Christmas pyjamas with a difference.

Even a soft bralette can make a huge difference to someone with chronic pain – this one is form TU at Sainsbury’s


With a little bit of thought, you can get someone with Chronic Illness a really great gift and I hope you have found something on here that helps.

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