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‘Tummy Tied’ by Scarlett London

‘Tummy Tied’ by Scarlett London. This is THE book for anyone with IBS. Actually, I wish I had been given it when I was first diagnosed.


Scarlett is an amazing writer and she has made the pages come alive with her witty and informative run down on her experiences with IBS. She has not only taken her own experiences but she has scattered with expert opinion and advice. She takes a very taboo subject and broken it down to manageable chapters. She covers ALL the ups and downs associated with IBS.


Scarlett gives advice on how to deal with, disguise and prepare for flare-ups. She includes case studies from other people which gives you a sense of normal in an otherwise unpredictable life.

I especially loved the food chapter where she includes recipes, alternatives and the must-have items for your shopping list. I feel like food may actually stop being my nemesis and become an ally as a sufferer of IBS. I have found food and travel to be my biggest fears since being diagnosed yet in this book they are broken down into manageable steps.


Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of scenarios I fear and Scarlett touches on them all as well as divulging her 9 rules to live by. She also includes resources to help identify triggers. ‘Tummy Tied’ is the nest book I have read in a long time!

I love how calm and in control the book made me feel and for that reason alone this book has been invaluable to me.

You will not be able to put this book down. I promise that.

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