Beards and Daisies Indoor Plants

Beards and Daisies Indoor Plants


My grandmother was a green-fingered genius.

In fact, she could literally make anything grow.


I, on the other hand, seem to have less luck (or skill) with plants. I do okay for a bit and then things can go horribly wrong. So when I received a beautiful plant from Beards and Daisies Indoor plants I was a little apprehensive.

I love it. It fills me with joy every time I look at it and I have it placed in a position of honour on my desk. It is a Red Anthurium otherwise known as the flamingo flower. The plant comes beautifully packaged in a tall box. The box is clearly labelled as to the contents so that the mail carrier knows what they are dealing with. I can honestly say that there was no spillage inside the box.

There is a stunning care card in alongside the plant so I feel at ease that this beautiful plant will not meet with a horrible death.

This is a wonderful gift idea for someone special. Flowers, albeit beautiful, can die within days, but this will last for much longer. Plus I think that it has that more unusual feel to it making it seem like you have gone that extra mile.

The website itself has lots of different plants on offer. You can also find pot suggestions to suit all budgets.

Beards and Daisies offer amazing quality houseplants and accessories and I am absolutely obsessed with mine!


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