blossom bay wax melts in burner with flowers

Blossom Bay Aromas

I was very kindly contacted by Blossom Bay Aromas and asked if I would like to try some of their wax melts. This is a local business set in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. I am obsessed with supporting local business and love the fact that I am supporting my local economy while shopping.

blossom bay wax melts in burner with flowers

Obviously, I jumped at the chance as I absolutely LOVE to burn candles but had never actually got to grips with the whole wax melts thing. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a shot! Oh, boy, have I been missing out or what!!


The package arrived beautifully and securely wrapped and the scent hit me immediately on opening. I had been sent Blossom Bay which is inspired by Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay and Night Sky which is inspired by YSL’s Black Opium. Now I love both the original scents so in my opinion it was going to be hard to live up to these. I will also say that the smell was not in any way overpowering when I opened the package up which was great as this meant they will store well.


The wax melts come packaged in a little tray of 6 cubes. You break off a cube and place it in the top of the wax burner. You then light a tealight underneath and watch as the wax melts in the dish above. I was very kindly gifted a large and a small wax burner as well so I could try them both out.


The large one retails for £3 and the small one retails at £2. These can be purchased alongside your wax melts which are an absolute steal at only £5 for the tray of 6 wax melt cubes.

The list of scents currently available at Blossom Bay Aromas


There are new scents being introduced all the time and I am reliably informed that there is also Coco Mademoiselle and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily to go onto the above list – which sounds amazing!!


I am eager to try the Zoflora scents along with the LUSH cosmetics inspired Snow Angel which is a firm Christmas favourite!


When you have burned the scent out of the wax – I say it takes about 4/5 goes before the smell is less overpowering and another few burns again before you need to change the wax melt. I would point out that each one will be different so use your own judgement. You simply take the advice of the amazing Mrs Hinch and simply soak the warm wax up with a cotton pad. This removes the wax without spillage or damage to surrounding furnishings. Then you can throw it away in the bin.


Thank you so much for letting me try these amazing scents Blossom Bay Aromas – I’m off now to load up my shopping basket!


You can contact Blossom Bay Aromas on facebook to order or through their Instagram page here.


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