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Top 6 Reasons To Call An Electrician

Top 6 Reasons To Call An Electrician

Recently we purchased a new home but had no idea that we needed an electrician to come over and help us make it a bit safer. There of course are always some upgrading or repair that needs to be done to any home, unless you purchased a brand new home, but it’s important to keep up with all the changes that you could be faced with being a first time home owner!

With technology going at an even faster rate, the need to have power grows each and every day and you don’t want to be left without it!

Our First Home!

If you have an older home, you’ll want to make sure that you keep an eye out for these 6 things around your home! They would be a good indicator you need to call an electrician asap!

Lights Flickering

When you plug your new hair dryer into the vanity lamp does it flicker here and there? What about your refrigerator or your air conditioning randomly come on? What about that light that dims in your office? No it’s not a ghost trying to play tricks on you but it may be a bit more serious than that when it comes to electrical wiring. You’ll want to call an electrician to take a look at all of those items as soon as possible!

Lots of Cords Near An Outlet

If you don’t have any plug strips or multi receptacle addons are strangling those outlets! What does that mean? Your electrical system is working overtime to keep everything working properly! You’ll want to make sure that you have additional circuits with duplex receptacles in order to make sure everything is working properly but most importantly, safely! The worst thing you want is a fire starting because too many wires are working in one central outlet.

No Three Plug In

We recently had an older home and many of the outlets don’t accept three prong grounded plugs. The bigger problem is not being able to plug those appliances that you need aka a microwave or oven that is needing that three prong outlet! This is an indicator that your electrical wiring system is not fully grounded and another big red flag, not safe!

Bumps Under The Carpet

Do you remember visiting your grandparents home and tripping over their rug because of the bumps that were underneath it? If your living room looks like a snack farm with wires running under the furniture and rugs, you’ll def need to find more outlets to help out with this problem! This is a danger condition that needs attention right away! If some of those wires are extension cords, the outlets you have far way too far apart! This is a huge sign that would tell you that you’ll need to get a few more additional outlets throughout your home, or at least the main rooms that you and your family and guests plan to be using. Better yet, you won’t be tripping and twisting an ankle because everything will be close to the wall and where they need to be!

Warm To The Touch

Do you see in your home if any switches or outlets are warm to the touch? Are there any blackening near the switch plate or the wall? Does a switch or outlet give you or your significant other a milk shock? These are issues that can be too demanding on the circuit! You’ll want to get it checked out before something worse happens!

Test the GFCI

Think of all your wet locations such as a bathroom, kitchen or utility room that require many outlets that need to be protected. You’ll want them to have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or a GFCI. IF they’re already been installed near the sink and dishwasher, test their reset button to be sure they are working properly.

Image: American Electric

A good rule of thumb if you’re unsure about any electrical wiring in your house when you move in is just to call a reliable electrician to make sure all is well before you move in. If you live in the Jacksonville Florida area there is a great company that you’ll want to call right away called American Electric. Master Electrician, Mike Murphy established American Electric in 1998 with one simple idea: “To provide the highest quality electrical contracting service with the best talent in the business and a can-do attitude.” In the early days, it was just Mike manning the phones from his home office, and working on military electrical contracting jobs with a small team of dedicated electrical technicians. You’re in good hands when you work with the people from American Electric. They are available 24/7 for emergencies that may arise and are top rated when it comes to safety and project management. Their testimonials speak for themselves! Check them out for yourself here.

Have you or your family ever had to call an electrician? What did they do to help you and your home?

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