Tufferman Shelving

Tufferman Shelving

Now that we are coming into the summer months I think that we all take mad notions to clean out and tidy up sheds and garages. This may involve filling the boot of the car with empty paint cans, broken pieces of patio furniture or stray bin bags of random junk.


I love a good clear out but equally, I find the satisfaction of organising rooms equally as fulfilling.


Tufferman is an online company which help to ‘simplify storage.’ They provide storage solutions to sheds, garages and even attics.

The Shelving

I recently got my hands on their best selling STORALEX VRS BAYS. These shelves are amazing. They come flat packed with all the tools needed to assemble. The shelving is really easy to assemble, and in fact, I was able to do this alone! All the tools you need are included – even a mallet!


Tufferman Shelving has a variety of combinations available. You can have different widths and heights so they are versatile enough to go in a shed this year and move to a utility room or garage next year if needed.

The shelves are made with sturdy MDF which can hold up to 265kg on each level! This may seem unbelievable but I have them in my office and they are simply amazing!


They can be anchored to the wall so there are no worries about them toppling on top of children or through to being unbalanced.


My Verdict

I love these and they look amazing in my office. Plus they are easy to customise to fit into any room in the house! The MDF shelving could be painted to keep in with the tone of the room, making these storage solutions even more versatile as they are not just for sheds and garages. The metal frames are beautifully finished as well.


These are a super way to create storage in workshops, garages, shed and even offices!


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