Benenox Overnight Recharge

Benenox overnight recharge

It’s that time of the year when exam stress reaches its crescendo. Sleep becomes a distant memory and don’t even start me on my appetite! I just end up reaching for handy snacks or junk food.

So it’s important to do everything you can to support your mental function at this time and that is where Benenox Overnight Recharge comes in.

Benenox Overnight Recharge is a liquid supplement designed to reduce fatigue and tiredness, support your mental function and maintain normal levels of energy production.

It is a unique mix of honey, Sustamine® and vitamin B6 which when you take before bedtime can help to make the most of the next day! This delicious food supplement works with your body to restore and renew your cells while you sleep, as well as reduce the number of times you wake in the night.

Benenox Overnight Recharge is available for only £9.99 from

It’s available in two delicious flavours, blackcurrant, and lemon & ginger. Each bottle contains 9 servings. You can take it neat in its handy little measuring cup or you can mix with warm water to create a bedtime drink.

It tastes smooth and relaxing while gently soothing you deep inside. Both flavours are very pleasant on the taste buds with no nasty aftertaste.

After taking Benenox I noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels. I was more alert in the mornings and felt mentally ‘sharper’ during the day. Benenox is also vegetarian-friendly which is great for those wanting a more natural supplement.


Needless to say this has been a life saver during my studies.


Now to wait for the results!


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