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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

You literally can spend thousands of pounds buying gifts at Christmas for teenagers. Before you know it you have mounted up huge piles of electronics, clothes and other great things but come the new year – was it worth it?

There have been many suggestions about a four gift rule:

Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read (and one thing extra as some say)


Anyway here is my gift guide for cool and quirky Christmas Gifts for Teenagers that will not just fit your budget but also their approval! I hope something from my list catches your eye!

Ordnance survey rainwater drinking bottles

Available from the Ordnance Survey website and priced at only £24.99. These are so cool! You can fill the bottle with any water (except saltwater) and it filters out over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well as chlorine and fluoride to give you safe drinking water. The bottle is BPA free and will filter around 200 litres of water. You can use it to make everyday tap water taste better or out and about to give you “safe to drink” water. The sleek black design makes it perfect for thirsty kids and teenagers!


Slush Puppy Machine

As a kid, I remember wanting a ‘Mr Frostie’ Well now there is a bigger and better version for home – The Fizz Creations Slush Puppie Slush Machine! Priced at only £35 and with a huge range of accessories available, this would make an amazing gift!

Skinnydip London

This is a quirky boutique type shop based in London. They sell unusual phone cases, bags and lots of other things. I love this SpongeBob SquarePants phone case for only £18 – perfect if your teen has received a new phone! Or even this Peach Print tangle teaser for £13.50.


Gaming & Collectables

Over at 365games, there is a huge selection of gaming and collectables. I love the Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit game for only £10.49 or the huge range of character robes available – I have my eye on this Deadpool one which is less than £30!



Teenage Driving Lessons

We all worry about our teens learning to drive. Young Driver UK has a specially designed driving experience for young drivers from aged 10. Owen took a lesson in September and LOVED it. It takes place in a dual controlled car with experienced instructors. It is perfect for anyone with an interest in driving or about to turn 17. There are lots of venues around the UK (even Belfast!) You can buy this and other driving experiences at BuyaGift.


Derwent Bullet Journal

Its seems as though the age of technology is slowing passing us by and we are returning to the trusty pen and notebook again. Bullet journalling is a hot trend and has been for the last few years. Why not gift this amazing Bullet Journal set from Derwent. Teenagers are all about making lists and notes etc and I adore this set.

Amazon Music Unlimited

For the music crazed teen, this is the perfect way to give them access to over 40 million songs. There are options for family plans to suit all households. Click the link below to sign up and get an amazing deal! You can even combine this with an Amazon Echo dot if required. Plus Amazon are offering an amazing 4 months for only £0.99!

Reuseable straws

This is an amazing idea! My teen, in particular, hates the new paper straws from fast-food chains so I bought him this reusable rubber set (af). They are easy to clean and he can shove them into his pocket and use them whenever he needs too! Perfect stocking filler plus you are helping to cut down on waste!


Christmas Gifts for Teenagers can be the hardest ones to buy but I hope this guide has given you a little more inspiration.

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