Why I am not watching Love Island

Why I am not watching Love Island. It is that time of year again when the whole of the planet seems to go cuckoo for the Love Island series. I can honestly say I have never watched it. And to be honest I have no intention of ever watching it. here’s why.



Reality TV

Seriously showing my age here but after the Nasty Nick on Big Brother, I can honestly say I lost my love for reality TV. I don’t watch anything like it. I feel that you never can tell if they are playing up to the camera. Sure I could just watch a bad slasher movie to see that kind of Z list acting!



Now I am in no way a prude but I think we are giving our younger generation the wrong idea when it comes to relationships. Placing 20ish people in a villa and forcing them to ‘couple’ merely promotes the idea that you can jump from one partner to another. Also is it okay for the world to watch you hook up? How will these people feel in 20 years time when their children are watching them?


Media Coverage

For the weeks that Love Island is on, there will be a barrage of media coverage. Literally, EVERYONE is chatting about it. Like its summer people – go get a life! Get outside and enjoy yourself or live your own Love Island if you want. Social media has been taken over with Love Island chatter and even the most sensible influencers/celebrities.  In fact, you can click here to follow on Twitter.


5 minutes in the spotlight

We will be bombarded with Z list ‘celebrities’ bring out books, videos and clothing lines from now until Christmas. I will just be standing over here with my actual celebrity merchandise thank you very much.


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Now if you will excuse me I’m off to the pub for a pint of cider. If you need to catch up on the series you can click here


And now you know why I am not watching Love Island. And yes, I will be publishing this post at 9 pm!


Until next time,

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