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So yesterday I took a ride out on my motorbike.

I haven’t been able to get out on it all over the good weather we had been having and the battery had actually run flat.

Anyway it was so good to get out on the open road, feel the wind in my hair and across my body making me escape to my happy zone.

My Happy Place

My happy zone is the place where my mind is freed from all the sludge of the day to day.

For me I forget about bills that have to be paid, chores that have to be done and everything else that drags in the world of adulting.

When I get onto my motorbike there is literally no room for error and I become so absorbed in what I am doing that everything else just slips away.


As a child my happy zone used to be a good book. I loved curling up with a good book.

I spent ages reading away. ┬áHours turning into whole nights as I just couldn’t put the book down until I was done.

As adults we are often so consumed with the day to day running of our lives. Not to mention those of our family. We find it hard or even impossible to “switch off” constantly running our batteries down. Leading to us demanding more and more of our mental and physical health.

Look after your mental health

I am a firm believer that society has a huge part to play in the massive upsurge of mental health issues.

We are getting faster and faster in our pace of life with no notion of slowing down.

How do you find the reset button?

As a generation of electronic relying millennials do you see yourself slowing down?

If so when? Or if not then why?

I know where my happy place is ….. do you know yours?

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