2018 in review

I have seen lots of different people over the past few days post their 2018 in review.  This is such as great idea. Reflecting on the year just past is a lovely way of recognising your achievements. On the flip side I have all seen lots of new year resolutions being made. I wonder how many are still holding strong mid-march?

As you guys know I like to be different. Mixing things up is my jam. So I want to write a combination post about the past year and the new year coming in.


2018 in Review

Giving up Work/Homeschooling

This has been a life-changing year for me. At 37 I had to give up work for medical reasons. I have spent the last 7 years battling chronic illness in the form of fibromyalgia. This in turn has led to/highlighted other health complications which restrict me from holding down a steady job. Cocktails these days for me are the 13 different types of medication I take each day. Not exactly where you want to be at 37. Luckily I had a great benefits package at my job. So I have been able to retire with the stability of a pension income each month.

But I have never been the type of person to lie down. It has been a long life goal of mine to travel the world. The sights, sounds and culture just suck me in. Obviously Owen is still only 12 and attended a local school. So how do you travel the world while attending school? Simple answer – you don’t.

So I started researching home schooling. Owen left mainstream school in October 2018. This allows us the freedom to do whatever we like, whenever we like. January 2019 will see us start our travels around the United States.


2018 is also the year I really started to put work into my blog www.lifewithchristine.co.uk. I love writing and  having the courage to put myself out there has been extremely challenging. People have been so nice and friendships have been made. On the other hand I have experienced trolling which I hope made me stronger. Positivity is the main aim of my blog and social channels. Negativity is simply not on my agenda! I was long listed for the Blog awards this year – complete shock! I am so thankful for all the support that my blog is given.


I became an Auntie again in 2018 (twice actually!). First to the gorgeous Reuben in January and then again to Finley in December. This makes me an Auntie now to 6 little cutie humans! Hannah (7), Rebekah (5), Caleb (3), Teddy (1), Reuben and Finley. They are all such different wee characters and I love them all! Sophie moved in with her fiancé in December. Can you believe that in March 2019 she will be 20! I am not old enough to have a 20 year old daughter when I barely feel 20 myself!


There was some travel this year although not as much as I would have liked. In January I went to Amsterdam while Owen was off on a ski trip with school. I love Amsterdam and would move there in a heartbeat! Not for the “medicinal” remedies I may add. May Brough round a trip to France with the caravan. I love France and have such fond childhood memories there. June seen me travel to Liverpool with Stena Line. This I suppose was the start of my actual “collaborating with brands” as Stena had kindly gifted me lounge access for our journey.  October brought a week long trip to Portugal. Such bliss! Finally we weekended in London at the start of December.


I have been so lucky to be invited to such amazing events this year. Not to mention the amazing products I have been sent or gifted. Thank you so much to all the lovely pr people that have given me a chance and I look forward to 2019.

There are simply too many brands to list but I will try and tag them here so you can see how amazing they are for yourselves! Primark (Penneys), Debenhams, Prettty Little ThingBPerfect, Simply Be, Note Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, Moogoo Ireland, Cosmetics Online, Palmers, Joico, Iconic Bronze, Lunns Jewellers, Boux Avenue and Fuchsia Effect to name just a few!

I would also like to thank Shop Carrickfergus, Lisburn City, Lady Boys of Bangkok, Eddie Rockets and Kildare Village for hosting such amazing blogger events.

Cathy Martin who organises the NIBloggerBrunch is also worth a special mention. Thank you so much to Cathy & Zoe for all their support over 2018.

I have also been lucky to be invited to the Grand Opera House to review shows including the Band and Jack and the Beanstalk.

2019 in anticipation

In short, it’s a year for travelling. I have booked a basic trip around America, Canada and hopefully Iceland on the way home. We intend to be back by the summer and spend it at home before setting off again in September to Europe.

I want to continue to blog. Social media is fun for me so I want to continue to grow my channels. Hopefully I will continue to create content that people like.

Safe to say here that I want to enjoy the year and look back with absolutely no regrets come 2020.

What are your plans for 2019?

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