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A is for “A new you” or are you okay the way you are?

A new you

It’s now mid January and I can honestly say that I have been bombarded by the media, friends, social media and even the local supermarket on the theme of “new me.”

Similarly I’ve been inundated with articles about the need to not change and to be happy to be who I am. So it gets me to wondering why do we always have this sense of regret at the start of the new year? I say regret because it’s about change and becoming something different.

My outlook has changed over the years. I have made my fair share of starting diets, resolutions and other fads. They have been long forgotten in March never mind carried through to the end of the year.

Where am I now?

I am now in the camp where I feel it is so important to get to know yourself and where you are in your life. Are you happy in your career, relationship, or home environment and if the answer is no then why or what can be done to change this?

That seems like a lot of questions but taking the time out of your life to find out if you want to become a vegan 🌱 or even a car mechanic is simply put the key to finding your own happiness.

What have I achieved?

Think about the things you have achieved over the past year and remind yourself why you achieved them. I learnt to ride a motorcycle 🏍 quite randomly and I love it! It makes me feel free without constraints.

I also added Poland to the list of countries I’ve visited and we all know how happy travel makes me 🤗

I also learnt dressmaking this year which made me realise that I love it (must take after my mummy!) and I really want to keep building up that skill this coming year.

What else?

I want to expand my blog this year so there will be lots happening there.

So I’m starting with “A” and it’s about starting at the beginning. Taking the time to look in the mirror at the person staring back. Make sure that they are happy and content.

How can you expect others around you to be their best when your not living up to your own full potential. Make a change by signing up for that night class. Similarly dust off the old records and dance  your wee heart out. Live outside your comfort zone and get closer to you. I promise you won’t regret it.

Moving forward

My plans for this year include learning to knit (properly!) and crochet.

I’d also like to add a new country to the travel list.

I’m hoping to lose a little more weight which should help my health. I’ve no particular goal in mind so there is no pressure.

And that’s all for now.

Lots of love 💕

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